Here are 5 Most Expensive Soccer Balls in Football

Today we will be looking at 5 most expensive Soccer balls that are of course playable, but why an expensive one? 

Expensive soccer balls have some good characteristics than Cheap soccer balls. As they do have higher durability, low water uptake, better touch. Which can all remain the same despite the days, weeks or months it has been used for. 

The main difference between the cheap and expensive soccer ball is obviously the raw-material being used in production. Companies use high-quality materials in the production of an expensive soccer ball. And all premium match soccer ball needs to be certified by FIFA itself. 

I will be showing you 5 of the most usable expensive soccer balls in which their price ranges from $90 to $130, in this very article. 

The first on the list will be: 



  1. Nike Premier League Ordem 4 Football Soccer Ball

Nike Premier League Ordem IV Official Match Soccer Ball

Nike Premier League Ordem 4 Soccer Ball is one of the highest-rated match balls in football. It boasts of the best synthetic materials which make it all too durable and longevity. 

With its weight being perfect, you have no need to inflate like other new balls on its delivery. And it very much meets the standard of the FIFA and thus certified. 

The Nike soccer ball is one of the most expensive soccer balls being priced at $89.99 and is available in four different colours but only available in size 5. 

With this, you can pass or control the ball precisely where you want it to be due to its good grips and improved touch. Its bladder could take several weeks before it starts losing the air. Nike also had it designed made with 3D-ink to make more attracting. 

Next on the list Adidas Telstar 18 


  1. Adidas World Cup Official Match Ball

Adidas World Cup Official Match Ball

Due to its popularity among football fans, we know its outer part is made with 83% of TPU and 17% of Polyester high-quality materials. Which makes the ball controlling and the pass accuracy very smooth and very easy to do with this ball. Its bladder which is made from latex provides one of the best air retentions, which will keep the ball in its original shape for a long period of time. 

Being one of the most expensive soccer balls and the highest-rated Official Match ball, it is priced at $99.99. An NFC chip is placed in this Adidas soccer ball in order to monitor every step through a smartphone. And just like the Nike Premier League Ordem 4 Football Soccer Ball, Adidas World Cup Official Match Ball is also available in just one size (Size 5). 


  1. Adidas Finale Cardiff Ball

Adidas Finale Cardiff Ball

As the name implies Adidas Finale Cardiff Ball was famously used to play the 2017 UEFA Champions League final match in Wales which Real Madrid won. This particular soccer is priced the same as the Adidas World Cup Official Match Ball, is new and unused of course. 

Made with high-quality TPU materials, the Adidas Finale Cardiff Ball boasts of durability and an excellent bladder that can hold the air inside for a very long period of time without losing its shape. Plus, it offers impressive ball touch and quick ball control. Being carefully designed the ball carries the official UEFA logo. 

It is also priced at the same price as the Adidas World Cup Official Match Ball at $99.99 and only available in size 5 plus it has been certified by FIFA itself too. 


  1. Adidas Performance Euro 16 Official Match Soccer Ball

Adidas Performance Euro 16 Official Match Soccer Ball

Adidas Performance Euro 16 official Match Soccer Ball was used during the European Championship Tournament in 2016 by several European countries. It is thermally bonded with a seamless technology with high-quality materials used in the production. Its bladder is also very well made so it won’t be losing shape anytime soon. 

FIFA approved the Adidas ball to the highest rating having passed every single test essential for it to be certified. It is very well designed and structured; every football fan will love this Adidas ball all thanks to its beauty. It is priced $109.99 and only available in size 5 ranks second in the most expensive soccer balls. 


  1. Adidas Soccer Confederations Cup Official Match Ball

Adidas Soccer Confederations Cup Official Match Ball

Now the most expensive soccer ball, Adidas Soccer Confederations Cup Official Match Ball, was used in the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup games. With its elegant and beautiful design, it is priced at $130. It is made with high-quality polyester and thermally bonded seamless surface technology. The Adidas ball strong ball will further ensure the air stays in the ball without losing shape for a very long time. 

But of course, there would be no chance this ball would be used in the FIFA Confederation tournament without being certified by FIFA itself. The Adidas ball is available in only size 5. 

Here in this review, you should now have the main idea about what to look out for when going to buy a Premium match Soccer ball. 

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