Who is Andrea Rajacic? All The Facts About Thierry Henry’s Girlfriend

Thierry Henry’s Girlfriend Intro:

Andrea Rajacic is the beautiful girlfriend of Thierry Henry, who is one of the most popular football pundits right now. Football fans that are followers of Thierry Henry, they have most curious about the stunning girlfriend of this Arsenal legend. In this article, we will be listing out all the facts about Thierry Henry’s partner, so stay tuned to learn more.

In the football world, Thierry Henry is considered to be one of the greatest strikers of all time. This is due to the amazing record the former French player set in Arsenal and Barcelona, which saw him lift several trophies. He played a pivotal role in helping the North London club win the Premier League title as Invincibles in 2004. Without a doubt, Thierry Henry made his mark in the world of football and many aspiring young footballers were inspired by him. (Read about Thierry Henry’s net worth). However, we are not here to talk about his legend, instead, we are here to find out all the facts about Thierry Henry’s partner.

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Who is Thierry Henry’s Girlfriend?

Thierry Henry has been in a long-term relationship with Bosnian model Andrea Rajacic since they met each other in 2008.

But before that happened, Henry was previously married to English actress and model, Claire Merry from 2003 to 2007. The couple have a daughter between them; Tea Henry, before they eventually divorced in December 2008. This resulted in Thierry Henry paying £10 million to her for the divorce settlement.

Not long after that, the Arsenal legend found Andrea Rajacic and have been dating ever since, but the couple are still not married in 2023.

Thierry Henry & Andrea Rajacic

Who is Andrea Rajacic?

Andrea Rajacic is a popular Bosnian model. But aside from that, she is also quite renowned for being the girlfriend of Thierry Henry. She has made several headlines whenever the couple went out on dates and are spotted.

Below, we will take a close look at some facts about Thierry Henry’s stunning girlfriend to know more about her.

Andrea Rajacic Age & Bio

Andrea Rajacic was born on 30 November 1986 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is currently 36 years old, and her nationality is Bosnian as she was born in the country, to a Bosnian father, Nebojša Rajačić. But little is known about her mother as Andrea is a private person, who doesn’t like to speak about her family on social media.

This is also the same for her siblings if she has one. It is yet to be known if she has a brother or sister. Personal details like this were kept under wraps by Thierry Henry’s girlfriend.


Andrea Rajacic Career

After graduating from high school in her hometown in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Andrea Rajacic travelled to the United States to study more at a university. But the name of the university hasn’t been revealed yet.

Andrea Rajacic is a popular model, and she started this professional career at a young age. It was her dream ever since she was little, and she achieved that dream, by having worked with several famous brands.


Andrea Rajacic and Thierry Henry’s Children

Andrea Rajacic and Thierry Henry have two children together in their long-term relationship. The couple is blessed with one boy and a girl; Tristan Henry and Tatiana Henry (born in 2012 and 2015 respectively).

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In his previous marriage to Claire Merry or Nicole Merry, Thierry Henry had a daughter with her; Téa Henry, born on 27 May 2005.

Thierry Henry Daughter

Andrea Rajacic Social Media

While Andrea Rajacic is one of the most popular football WAGs, she is quite restrained when it comes to social media. Andrea prefers to stay away from the spotlight and all its perks.

Andrea has an Instagram account, but it is set to private so only her close associates can see what she posts. She only has 490 followers on that platform.


Andrea Rajacic FAQs

Who is Thierry Henry’s girlfriend?

Andrea Rajacic, a Bosnian model.

Is Thierry Henry married?

No, but he is in a long-term relationship with Andrea Rajacic.

Who is Thierry Henry’s wife?

Thierry Henry has an ex-wife, Nicole Merry.

How old is Andrea Rajacic?

She is 36 years old.


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