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Ashley Ward Intro:

Ashley Ward is a former professional football player who played as a forward in the English Premier League. Although he was as popular as some great footballers during his time, Ashley Ward still managed to gain some fame during his professional career as a footballer. He played in several clubs in the Premier League including Norwich City, Derby County, Bradford City and Blackburn Rovers. Despite not gaining lots of fame during his football career, many people still wonder about Ashley Ward’s net worth, and this is what we will be talking about in this article.


Ashley Ward Age & Career

Ashley Ward was born on 24 November 1970 in Middleton, Lancashire, England. He is currently 52 years old. Having picked football over rugby and lacrosse, Ashley Ward was a product of Manchester City before he moved to join Leicester City. He went on to play for Crewe Alexandra, where he started to gain fame as a professional footballer. Ashley Ward played a pivotal role in helping Crewe gain promotion from the third tier, and he scored two hat-tricks for the club in an FA Cup and EFL game.

In 1994, Ward signed for Norwich City. On his debut for the club, he scored two goals in a game against Chelsea. Ashley Ward once more made his name known in the Premier League, and he stayed with the club for two seasons before opting for a move to Derby County in 1996. He scored some crucial goals for the team, and he, once again, signed for another club; Barnsley in 1997. He also played for Blackburn Rovers, Bradford City and Sheffield United before finally retiring his football boots in 2005.


Ashley Ward’s Net Worth

Ashley Ward’s net worth is estimated to be worth $60 million in 2023 according to several online sources. Most of his wealth was not accumulated during his professional football career, but right after.

Ashley Ward and his wife Dawn Ward manage several businesses including a commercial property business and a nursing home in Bolton. He is also in charge of a luxury property company; Bilton Ward Developments. This is a company that specializes in building and renovating luxury homes for footballers like Wayne Rooney and many more. These played a pivotal role in the massive net worth of Ashley Ward.


Ashley Ward’s Number

Ashley Ward was renowned mostly for his number 9 jersey, which he wore at only Sheffield United, Bradford City, and Blackburn Rovers. He also wore number 7, 12, 25 and 32 jerseys throughout his football career.

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Ashley Ward’s Wife & Daughters

Ashley Ward got married to Dawn Ward, a reality TV star, in 1997. The couple has stayed married for 27 years and is blessed with four children; Taylor, Darby Ward, Aston Ward and Charlie Ward. All girls.

Taylor Ward is a popular figure and also a businesswoman as she founded a jewellery company along with her sister Darby Ward. Taylor Ward is currently married to Riyad Mahrez, and the couple have a daughter together.

Darby Ward, on the other hand, is a country singer, and she is currently married to Michael Corrado Jackson, a property developer and businessman. They also have a daughter together; Skye.

No information was revealed about Aston and Charlie Ward.

Ashley Ward FAQs

What is Ashley Ward’s net worth?

$60 million.

Who did Ashley Ward play for?

Ashley Ward played for Norwich City, Derby County, Bradford City, Barnsley and Blackburn Rovers.

How old is Ashley Ward?

Ashley Ward is 52 years old.

Who is Ashley Ward?

Ashley Ward is a retired professional football player.


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