Football Apps: What Are The 10 Best Football Apps For Android & IOS Devices?

Football is, arguably, the most popular sport in the world today. It has millions of fans spread across the globe, having the most populous fanbase in the world. However, we are not talking about the popularity of football, but instead about the best football apps that can be used to gather information and news about this amazing sport. So in this article, we will be reviewing the best football apps for mobile platforms like Android and IOS.

Smartphones have become a necessity over the years, and many websites and platforms have been optimized to ensure ease of access to these devices. Through the use of mobile apps, smartphones became the most popular way of gathering information and news about football as it is easy for most football fans to use apps instead of having to navigate through web pages. This is where football apps come in.

The football apps in this article will only be covering mobile applications, not games. Here are the 10 best football apps for Android and IOS devices.


UEFA Champions League App

The UEFA Champions League tournament is, of no doubt, the peak of football competitions. It has several top European clubs competing for a chance to become Champions of Europe. So getting updates about the big competition is a must for football fans.

The UEFA Champions League launched its official mobile app in 2015 following several requests from football fans across the globe. With the app, users will be able to get coverage of the competition’s highlights, live match stats, commentaries, live draws and feed for its users. It also has a fantasy football feature, which makes it quite entertaining for all users.

Being the official mobile app, this is the best football app you should consider downloading for your UEFA Champions League updates and it is free to download.


Premier League Official App

Premier League Official AppThe Premier League is one of the best football leagues in the world, and some fans might argue that it is the best league in the world. All in all, the English Premier League has a huge fanbase across the globe, and its fans love the game.

When fans want to get all-around information and updates about their favourite league, they turn to the English Premier League app. It is the best football app for Premier League news and it’s available for both IOS and Android.

You’ll have access to match highlights, fixtures, stats, tables, and results of Premier League, PL2, U18, and UEFA Champions League. Aside from all that, players can also manage their Fantasy Premier League team and also have access to stats since the beginning of the league itself.


La Liga Official App

Just like the Premier League, the fans of La Liga also believe that their league is the best in the world. La Liga launched its official La Liga app in 2012 to make the league accessible and fun to its fans across the globe through their mobile phones.

The most interesting feature of this La Liga app is the “Stay Home” feature, which lets fans enjoy eLaLiga where the league players, professional FIFA 21 players, and other kinds of players play against each other on FIFA 21.

Aside from that, fans will also have access to news, reports, match statistics, goals, highlights, fixtures, and live match feed of La Liga. This is the best football app you should download if you’re a fan of La Liga, and it is available for Android and IOS.



Almost every football fan has heard of ESPN. At first, we all knew it as a popular sports channel for streaming all kinds of sports, including football. However, it has become so much more over the last few years. And now, all of the features it has accumulated over the years are available for Android and IOS. The ESPN app is one of the best football apps you can think of.

You will have access to live scores of football games being played across the world. You’ll also have access to football news, highlights, and analyses of football games. 

While the ESPN app is free to download, it has a premium version in the form of ESPN+. Subscribing to this premium version will give you access to premium content, live streaming of football games, and some fantasy tools to boost your fantasy team.


All Football

All Football is one of the best football apps you can have on your Android or IOS devices. It is an all-round football app that gives you constant updates about things happening around football. 

You’ll also have access to live scores of football games in the top leagues as well as pre and post-match reports and statistics. The All Football app is completely free to download and it is a football app you should have as an avid football fan.



Livescore has been around since 1998, and its website receives huge amounts of traffic from football fans trying to stay updated with live football games when they are not watching them.

In 2011, Livescore officially launched its mobile app that offers the exact service as the website with no dent in its performance. The mobile app has in-depth coverage of football fixtures, results, goals, cards, substitutions and final results. All information on this mobile is updated in real-time. This alone makes it the best football app every football fan should have on their mobile devices.


Live Football TV

It’s not every time you make it in time before your favourite team starts to play their game. Sometimes you might get stuck up in traffic or have some things to do. Some football fans have been in this situation, and none of them likes that feeling.

But you won’t have that feeling if you have the Live Football TV app downloaded on your Android or IOS device. With this app, you’ll be able to stream live football matches in high quality. If you have a stable internet connection, this is the best football app to have for streaming live football games.

You can easily stream UEFA Champions League games, Europa League, Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, FA Cup, and many other competitions. This is what makes it an amazing football app to have.


Stats Zone App

Stats Zone AppAs a football fan that has been surfing the web for football news, you’ve probably heard of the FourFour Two magazine. This mobile app was created by the popular football magazine, and it is where you’ll get numerous information, updates and news about leagues around the globe.

What makes it stands out is the detailed analysis of the individual performance of every player on the football pitch. It is one of the best football apps you should get as a fan, as those stats will help you discover how your players performed for each game they played.


Transfermarkt App

Transfermarkt AppTransfermarkt is a popular football website that covers all transfer deals going on in football. Now, you can get access to all the football data regarding your favourite players without accessing the web.

With the Transfermarkt mobile app, you will be able to keep track of the current worth of your favourite player, or the players your club is interested in signing. You’ll also be able to check stats, card history, jersey numbers, goals, assists, and transfer news about players. This alone made it the best football app you should have on your mobile device.



Drawing a big similarity with the All Football app, One Football mobile is another popular and best football app you should have on your device. 

With this mobile app, you will be able to receive live updates and news about teams, leagues and competitions. You’ll also be able to access fixtures, league standings, lineups, live scores, and match analysis. So, OneFootball is a great football app you should download to your mobile devices.


OneFootball App



Above are the 10 best football apps you should consider downloading to your smartphones. With the little summary, we’ve been able to provide for these football apps, you should be able to get an insight into which app will be the best football app to download to your mobile devices.

So, decide on which ones are the best football apps for your Android and IOS devices. If they are not listed, write them in the comment section.


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