Brendan Rogers blames bad pitch for lack of Scottish young talent

Celtic unbeaten hero manager, Brendan Rogers is in the news, and he his splashing claims that lack of a quality pitch is the reason behind the failure to produce young talented players in Scotland.

That Skills like on-touch football are almost impossible as players becomes unsure if the soccer ball bounces to their expected place due to the bad pitch, which automatically means a quick pass near impossible in the Scottish pitch. And with the weather also playing a part in the pitch’s demolition, but the manager believes there is much more that can be done to improve that and also improves playing style.

Rogers said:

“I’ve seen a lot of young Scottish footballers since I’ve been up here and they’ve always got to be sure of their first touch. They have to take a touch because the pitches are poor.”

“They don’t learn to play quickly. It’s difficult for them to play one-touch because they are always fighting with the ball. I’m sure there will be coaches who are happy for the pitch to be long and for it to cut up because of the team they’re playing against.”

“But that’s all dated mentality, and then they wonder why young players don’t have quality. I know we’ve had a wet winter here which makes it more difficult, but I’d like to think most teams would want to have a good surface to play on.”

The Celtic board has spent £1.5 million to build a hybrid pitch at the Celtic park and is set to be completed in the summer, does this mean Rogers plea has finally been heard.

Rodgers said:

“Hopefully that will see a faster game and a better game more consistently.”

Afterwards, Rogers spoke on Leigh Griffiths who is on the verge of breaking a 100-goal barrier for the Celts after having adding to his score record to reach 96 goals bagging a winner for the Bhoys against Partick on Tuesday.

Backing the player, he said:

“It’s 96 goals in 120 starts which is phenomenal, an incredible ratio.

He’s a fantastic goalscorer – from 25 yards in he’s sensational. Inside the box or outside, he knows where the goals are.”

The Celtic player so far this season has bagged 11 goals in 22 appearances for the Bhoys, and with no doubt be reaching the 100-goal barrier.

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