Who Are Marcus Rashford Siblings? Dwaine Maynard, Dane Rashford, Chantelle Rashford & Claire Rashford

Marcus Rashford Siblings Intro:

Marcus Rashford is one of the most popular footballers in European football right now, and he currently plays for Manchester United with a few trophies since he broke into the club’s first team. Rashford has always found his way into the headlines one way or another, and he was recently engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Lucia Loi. However, in this article, we will be talking about Marcus Rashford’s five siblings; two brothers, two sisters, and one half-sister. Stay tuned or read Marcus Rashford’s net worth.


Marcus Rashford Parents

Marcus Rashford was born on 31 October 1997 in Manchester, England. He was born to Robert Rashford and Melanie Maynard. However, Manchester United seems to be the last child the couple gave birth to before separating.

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How Many Siblings Does Marcus Rashford Have?

Before Robert and Melanie Rashford gave birth to Marcus Rashford in 1997, the couple already have four children older than his. Robert Rashford also has a daughter somewhere else.

Marcus Rashford has five siblings: two brothers and three sisters; Dwaine, Dane, Chantelle, Claire and Tamara Rashford. Tamara is Marcus’s only half-sister through his father, Robert. Below is a bit we know about all of Rashford’s brothers and sisters.

Who is Dwaine Maynard?

Dwaine Maynard is the elder brother of Marcus Rashford who plays for Manchester United. While the details of his birth are not known to the public, Dwaine Maynard has been spotted several times with his brother Marcus off the pitch.

Aside from being the eldest brother of the Rashford family, Dwaine Maynard is a co-founder of an agency called NineZero, and he is also the director of DN May Sports Management, an organization that deals with elite athletes while offering them guidance through contract deals and commercial strategies. He is in the sports industry, just off the pitch. Marcus Rashford Siblings | Dwaine Rashford

It is unknown if Dwaine Maynard is married, but he has two children; a girl and a boy named Elliana Mary and Romi Dwaine Maynard. Unlike all other Rashford siblings, Dwaine is the only child of Robert and Melanie Rashford that uses his mother’s surname as his. This is due to some complications between Dwaine and his father.


Dwaine Maynard Social Media

Dwaine Maynard is quite popular on two social media platforms; Instagram and LinkedIn. On Instagram, he has over 22k followers, and on LinkedIn, he has over 1k followers and 500+ connections.


Who is Dane Rashford?

Dane Rashford is the second brother of Marcus Rashford, and he was born on the 3rd of April 1992 in Manchester. He was born to Robert and Melanie Rashford.

Just like Dwaine Maynard, Dane Rashford is often seen with Marcus Rashford in their group outings. Unlike Dwaine, he doesn’t have children known to the public. He is a manager at DN May Sports Management.

In November 2023, Dane Rashford was arrested in the United States for domestic violence. It didn’t take long before the news was all over the media, with his sister Chantelle Rashford posting a bond to free him on bail.

Marcus Rashford Siblings | Dane Rashford

Dane Rashford Social Media

Dane Rashford loves the gym and he often posts pictures of his workouts on his Instagram story, where he has over 124k followers. Instagram is the only known social media that Dane Rashford can be found.

Who is Chantelle Rashford?

Chantelle Rashford is the firstborn child between Robert and Melanie. She was born in 1982 in Manchester.

Being the eldest child means Chantelle was responsible for looking after her siblings including Marcus and Dane back then. Not much is known about Chantelle Rashford, and she can’t be found anywhere on social media as she prefers to stay away from the spotlight, and she is not alone.


Who is Claire Rashford?

Claire Rashford is the second eldest female sibling of Marcus Rashford. She was born in 1986 in Manchester. And just like Chantelle, her big sister, Claire also loves living a low-key life. She can’t be found anywhere on social media.


Who is Tamara Rashford?

Tamara Rashford is the half-sister of Marcus Rashford, and she was born in the same year as Marcus Rashford, 1997. She was born to Robert Rashford, but a different mother who is unknown to the public.

In 2019, Tamara Rashford made the headlines as she got into the final of Miss England that year. Now, she is into marketing and communications assistant by occupation. Marcus Rashford Siblings | Tamara Rashford

A fun fact about Tamara Rashford is that she had been invested in charity groups before Marcus Rashford started his fight against child hunger. Her main fight is against cancer, which was one of the reasons she entered the tournament for Miss England in the first place. She also showed her support in getting children off the streets like Marcus eventually did.


Tamara Rashford Social Media

Tamara Rashford can be found on Instagram. However, her account is locked to people she doesn’t know, and open to her close friends and family.

Marcus Rashford Siblings FAQs

Five; Dwaine Maynard, Dane Rashford, Chantelle Rashford, Claire Rashford, and Tamara Rashford.
Three; Chantelle Rashford, Claire Rashford and Tamara Rashford.
He is a manager at DN May Sports Management, and he loves going to the gym.
Tamara Rashford is Marcus Rashfrod's half-sister.

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