Edinson Cavani linked with Boca Juniors move

As one of the most impressive forwards in European football for more than the last decade, Edinson Cavani is a legend of the game. His form for Uruguay and clubs like Napoli, Paris Saint-Germain, and now Manchester United, mark him out as a true icon of the modern era. However, there has been ample talk that Cavani would like to leave European football and head back to South America. If that is the case, then two major names have been mentioned as possible starting places: Boca Juniors and Flamengo.

However, while both are seen as the de facto powerhouses of the South American game, there is a belief that Boca are ahead of their Brazilian opponents in wooing Cavani. And part of the reason stems from the interactions between Cavani and a Boca Juniors legend in Juan Roman Riquelme. The Argentine has made clear he would love to bring Cavani to the club, and in his role as president it certainly becomes possible.

There is much discussion that a move will happen in the summer, when Cavani’s deal runs out with Manchester United and he becomes a free agent. Could Boca make the deal happen? Furthermore it needs to be said, that other teams, including Chelsea has reportedly made contact with Edinson Cavani about a free transfer at the end of the season. There is a Chelsea FC blog that is providing a lot of fresh information on that matter.

Why would Cavani move back to South America?

In recent interviews, his father has made clear that Cavani is unhappy at Manchester United due to lack of playing time, and would like to be closer to his family. Known to spend much of his free time back in his native continent, there is a belief that Cavani would love to be closer to Uruguay and those who he loves most. A move for the Uruguayan to bring him to Buenos Aires would be the most likely option, then.

The proximity to Uruguay compared to other options as well as the competitive and financial power of Boca would make the deal possible. It would also provide Cavani with a chance to push for a Copa Libertadores title and add to his swelling legend as a modern great.

He is also seen as the ideal player to go for in the post-Carlos Tevez circuit. The Argentine is expected to retire come the end of the season, and it could mean that Cavani takes his role as the marquee forward in South American football.

As one of the best strikers of recent times, he would be seen as a major coup for South American football. Having grown used to watching their major stars move away from the clubs and often at a young age even before they have made a proper breakthrough like Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino, there is an intrigue in the fact that a major player might be wishing to move back to the continent as opposed to continue his career at a major club like Manchester United.

Given his closeness to family and home, Cavani is seen as a special case: a homebird who would dearly love to return to his home nation once his playing career comes to an end. At the moment, then, the words of Riquelme – a legend in his own right – might be enough to secure a marquee player for Boca.

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