Eliza Kaminski Ferreira: All You Need To Know About Rivaldo’s Wife

Rivaldo’s Wife Intro:

Eliza Kaminski Ferreira is the stunning wife of Brazilian legend, Rivaldo, who is regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time. Although she is his second wife, Eliza has been with Rivaldo for a long while since they got married. However, not many football fans know anything about Rivaldo’s wife. In this article, we will be listing some facts about Eliza Kaminski Ferreria. So stay tuned.

Rivaldo is one of the greatest of all time in the football world. During his football career, he was known for his bicycle kicks, bending free kicks and many more. He was even named in Pele’s FIFA 100 list of the world’s greatest living players. Rivaldo is one of the nine players to win the Ballon d’Or, FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Champions League. He was known for his time at Barcelona, AC Milan and also in the Super League Greece. However, this article isn’t about the legend of Rivaldo, instead, it is about his wife, Eliza Kaminski Ferreira.

Who is Rivaldo’s Wife?

Rivaldo is currently happily married to Eliza Kaminski Ferreira, his second wife. The couple has been together since his time in Greece, and while not as far back as Arjen Robben and Bernadien Eillert, it has still been a long time when you compare it to some other footballer’s relationship or career. The couple is blessed with three children, a total of five, of which two came from Rivaldo’s first marriage.


Who is Eliza Kaminski Ferreira?

Eliza Kaminski Ferreira is the stunning wife of Rivaldo, one of the greatest footballers of all time. While she has made the news several times over the years, some facts about her are still yet to be revealed to the public. So the media doesn’t know much about this beautiful Rivaldo’s wife. Here are a few facts you should know about the stunning beauty.


Eliza Kaminski Ferreira Age & Bio

Eliza Kaminski was born on 19 October 1978 in Brazil, and she probably shares the same hometown as her husband, Rivaldo. She is currently 45 years of age.

Aside from that, we know nothing about her father and mother. But we do know that she has a fiery personality, and she is quick to jump to defend her husband when any rumour was raised against him. She is a fitness and gym freak, and you can see that from her fit body.


Eliza Kaminski Ferreira Career

It is speculated that Eliza Kaminski has several small businesses that she runs on the side. Before that, Kaminski was the vice president of Mogi Mirim, a football club that was previously operated by her husband.

Reports have it that she is the current manager of R10 Soccer Schools LLC. She might also be an ambassador to some fitness-related company since she is quite a gym freak with large followers.


Eliza Kaminski Ferreira & Rivaldo’s Children

Ever since they got married, Eliza Kaminski and Rivaldo’s union has been blessed with three children; João Vitor Ferreira, Rebeca Ferreira, and Isaque Ferreira.

Aside from those three, she has three stepchildren in Rivaldinho and Thamirys Borba Ferreira, from Rivaldo’s previous marriage. Eliza Kaminski treats both children well.

Eliza Kaminski Ferreira’s FAQs

Eliza Kaminski Ferreira is Rivaldo's wife.
Yes, he is married to Eliza Kaminski Ferreira.

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