Who is Finley Walcott? Meet Theo Walcott’s Son

Finley Walcott Intro:

Finley Walcott is the first son born between Theo Walcott and Melanie Slade. On the day of his birth, it was announced to the world, and Walcott, his father, was still playing for Arsenal at the time. Following that, Finley Walcott has rarely made the headlines after that, so football fans know little to nothing about the footballer’s child. In this article, we will be covering all the facts you need to know about Finley Walcott, Theo Walcott’s first son.


Who is Finley Walcott?

Finley Walcott is the first son of Theo Walcott, who is considered to be an Arsenal legend after representing the club for over a decade, scoring over 100 goals for the North London club in the process. We will be looking at all the facts about this handsome child of Theo Walcott.

Finley Walcott Bio & Age: How old is Finley Walcott?

After tying the knot of marriage in 2013 in Tuscany, Italy, Theo Walcott and Melanie Walcott welcomed their first son, Finley James Walcott on 10 April 2014.

Finley Walcott’s birth came a year after his parent’s marriage, having dated since 2004. Finley Walcott is currently 9 years old in 2023.


Finley Walcott’s Parents: Who are Finley Walcott’s Parents?

Theo Walcott and Melanie Walcott are Finley’s parents, and the youngster is their child.

Theo Walcott is a former professional football player who retired from the game in 2023. He is mostly renowned for playing with Arsenal for over a decade, scoring over 100 goals and lifting several trophies with the club. We wrote a piece on his father, you can find it out at Theo Walcott’s net worth.

Finley’s mother, Melanie Walcott or Melanie Slade, is mostly known for being the wife of Theo Walcott. The couple have been dating since 2004 before they eventually got married in 2013 in Italy. They now have two children.

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Finley Walcott’s Brother: Who is Finley Walcott’s Brother?

While Finley Walcott is the first child of his parents, he is not alone in the family, as he has a younger brother.

In November 2016, Theo Walcott and Melanie Walcott welcomed their second child, Arlo Walcott, Finley Walcott’s younger brother. The siblings have a two-year age difference.

Finley Walcott’s Surgery

At his birth, Theo Walcott and Melanie Walcott were given a scare as Finley had to undergo surgery due to a heart defect he had at eight weeks old. It was eventually revealed that the surgery turned out to be a success, and now Finley Walcott is healthy.


Finley Walcott’s Social Media: Is Finley Walcott on Social Media?

Finley Walcott is only nine years old, and he has yet to spend a decade on planet Earth, so Theo Walcott’s son can’t have a social media account just yet.

Finley Walcott can’t be found on any social media platform.


Finley Walcott FAQs

Who is Finley Walcott?

Finley Walcott is Theo Walcott and Melanie Walcott’s son.

How old is Finley Walcott?

Finley Walcott is 9 years old.

Who is Finley Walcott’s brother?

Arlo Walcott is Finley Walcott’s younger brother.

How many children does Theo Walcott have?

Theo Walcott has two children; Finley Walcott and Arlo Walcott.


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