Francesco Totti Facts: Net Worth, Salary, Career, Number, Wife

Since Football fans are humans like everyone else on the planet earth, we all get a little curious when we don’t know something about a particular person or thing. Football fans always want to know more about their favourite football player, they often know their age and personal relationships, but until they started getting curious about their net worth which is what today’s article is about. We’ll be writing out facts about AS Roma legend Francesco Totti; net worth, salary, career, and wife.


Who is Francesco Totti?

Francesco Totti is an Italian former professional football player for both Serie A giant AS Roma and the Italy national team. During his football career, Totti goes by many names; Er Bimbo de Oro (The Golden Boy), Il Capitano (The Captain), and L’Ottavo Re di Roma (The Eighth King of Rome) and more. He played as an offensive playmaker who could be deployed as an attacking midfielder and as a forward. The Italian footballer was known for his long-term play in AS Roma and he is often regarded as one of the greatest Italian players of all time and Roma’s greatest player. He is the most celebrated and decorated player of AS Roma.

Known for his playmaking skills, Totti first began his professional career as an attacking midfielder before being transitioned to a second striker/winger. He wasn’t just all about goals as he was majorly known for the creativity he brings to the team. In his 25 campaigns with Roma, Totti was able to score 307 goals and created 139 assists in 785 appearances for the Italian club in all competitions in the process which he lifted five trophies with them. His performance in helping Italy win the 2006 World Cup did not go unnoticed as he was pivotal for the team from the beginning to the end.


Francesco Totti Career

Born on the 27th of September 1976 in Rome, Italy, Totti being an AS Roma legend recently retired from professional football after playing for an amazing lengthy year in just one club. When loyalty to a club is being taught to new generation players, Totti is should be a subject in this matter. 

He began his professional career at the age of 16 in 1992, made his first appearance for AS Roma in a 2-0 win over Brescia and has ever since becoming a starter in the team. As he progresses in his professional football career, he slowly became a player the whole team looks up to before making himself a legend with Roma. He wasn’t a legend for Roma only as Italy also sees the retired player as a fitting legend. Francesco Totti Net Worth

When you teach loyalty to a certain generation, Totti’s name deserves to be made into a subject. He is also highly regarded to be one of the greatest footballers of all time. He was and still is AS Roma’s forever Golden Boy, this was one of the reasons Francesco Totti’s net worth becomes a subject as his club also ensures he gets the best deal out of companies seeking him. 

Former Juventus president Gianni Agnelli, who was said to be a lifelong fan, picked Totti ahead of any Juventus player to model the new Stilo back in 2002. He was also signed as an ambassador for Nike, with whom he modelled lots of sportswear, featuring in their “Secret Tournament” which was directed by Terry Gilliam for the buildup to the 2002 World Cup held in Korea and Japan. He was seen alongside legends like him Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Eric Cantona, Roberto Carlos, Hidetoshi Nakata and Luis Figo. That was the first time people started thinking about Francesco Totti’s net worth. 

Francesco Totti net worth grew much more when he finally hung his boots, which he did at the end of the 2016/17 campaign, all thanks to the many endorsements he signed outside of football.


Francesco Totti Net Worth & Salary

After ending his 25-years footballing career, Francesco Totti net worth was estimated to be $101.6 Million all thanks to his long years of football and the endorsement deals he got and he is still getting. 

His decision to take up the role of becoming AS Roma club director in 2017 played a role in spiking his net worth to what it is today. However, he only filled the role for two years as he resigned from the position in June 2019 as he revealed that Roma chairman James Pallotta was not including him in any of the club’s decision making. He admitted he could return to the club, only if there is a change in ownership.

With Francesco Totti’s net worth as of 2022, he is ranked eighth in the list of the richest footballers in the world – a list in which Cristiano Ronaldo leads. 


Francesco Totti Number

Francesco Totti ended his football career in the same club he started it, so there wasn’t much change in his jersey number which was always the no 10. However, before he was handed that number he had to put on five different jersey numbers in five seasons. He was handed the 16 jerseys in his debut season for AS Roma, 11 in his second, 20, 15 and 17, in the third, fourth and fifth seasons. Following that, Roma favoured him more and rewarded him with the number 10 jersey that he wore for the rest of his career in the club.

For Italy’s national team, he was given the number 17 jersey in the senior team. He wore the number 10 jersey briefly before it was changed to 20, which he wore for two years. During the 2000/01 campaign, he returned to the team with the number 10 jersey once more and it was never taken till he retired from international football in 2007.


Francesco Totti Wife

Francesco Totti’s wife is Ilary Blasi, who is a popular Italian model and actress. She and Totti got married at the Basilica of Santa Maria in Aracoeli back in June 2005. Following their wedding, the couple was popularly acknowledged as the “Italian Beckhams”. Chanel, their first child, was birthed on the 6th of November 2005. The second child was born on 13 May 2007 and her name was Chanel, while the third child, Isabel, was born on the 10th of March 2016.


Francesco Totti Facts: Did You Know?

Francesco Totti’s name was inducted into the Italian Football Hall of Fame in 2018 and AS Roma’s Hall of Fame in 2017.

Totti is AS Roma’s All-Time Leading Goalscorer with 307 goals with 250 scored in Serie A.

With 786 appearances in all competition, Totti is Roma’s all-time appearance maker.

Francesco Totti net worth makes him eighth amongst richest football players in history.

Totti became UEFA Champions League’s oldest goalscorer on the 25th of November 2014 at the age of 38 years and 59 days.

With 71 goals, he is the player with the most penalties scored in the Serie A.

The youngest player to captain a Serie A club at age 22 and 34 days.

In 2020, a documentary film based on Totti “My Name Is Francesco Totti (Mi chiamo Francesco Totti)” was released by Alex Infascelli.

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