Who is Gabriella Bardsley? Meet The Beautiful Phil and Tanya Bardsley’s Daughter

Phil Bardsley’s Daughter Intro:

Gabriella Bardsley is one of the hottest footballers’ daughters known across the globe. She is a celebrity daughter as she is the daughter of Phil Bardsley, who was quite popular as a footballer. She is also the daughter of Tanya Bardsley, who is a famous TV reality celebrity in the United Kingdom. In this article, we will be talking about Phil Bardsley’s daughter, Gabriella Bardsley, who has been turning heads for a while.

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Who is Gabriella Bardsley?

Gabriella Bardsley is the beautiful daughter of Phil Bardsley and Tanya Bardsley, who is one of the most popular TV reality stars in the United Kingdom. She was born way before her parents got married in 2014. Gabriella is slowly growing up to become the businesswoman her mother, Tanya Bardsley, is. Below are a few facts about this stunning daughter of Phil Bardsley and Tanya Bardsley.

Gabriella Bardsley Age: How Old is Gabriella Bardsley?

Gabriella Bardsley is the eldest child of Tanya and Phil Bardsley, and she was born on 11 March 2002. This is way back before the couple got married, and when they were still young.

Gabriella Bardsley is now 21 years old, and she seems to be the bond that strengthen the relationship of her parents right from the day she was born till this day. She is surrounded by her siblings mentioned below.


Gabriella Bardsley Siblings: Who are Gabriella Bardsley Siblings?

Growing up, Gabriella Bardsley was surrounded by three junior siblings from her parents. On 30 March 2009, Tanya Bardsley welcomed her second child, Rocco Bardsley, and Renz (7 March 2013) followed before Raphi Bardsley (12 August 2016) was eventually given birth in 2016.

Gabriella grew up with her siblings; Rocco, Renz, and Ralphi Bardsley in her parent’s home till she went away for college.

Gabriella Bardsley’s Parents: Who are Gabriella’s Parents?

Gabriella Bardsley’s mom is Tanya Bardsley, who is one of the most famous reality TV stars in the United Kingdom. She was renowned for her role in the British Housewives of Cheshire before she parted ways with the show. Tanya Bardsley is a woman of many things, and you can read more about her in our article about her.

Gabriella’s biological father was from a past relationship with Tanya Bardsley. Little to nothing is known about her biological dad as this information is strictly known to close associates. Gabriella was adopted by Phil Bardsley after he started dating Tanya Bardsley. Phil Bardsley became Gabriella’s adopted dad, and they’ve grown close ever since.


Gabriella Bardsley Career: What does Gabriella Bardsley Do?

It was previously revealed to the world that Gabriella Bardsley was pursuing a career as a model, and she even signed to a modelling company. This news was revealed by her mother, Tanya Bardsley in an episode of the Real Housewives of Cheshire. She was excited about the idea of her daughter landing a modelling gig.

However, Gabriella Bardsley seems to take after her mother, in being a woman of many things, as she is also a Senior Recruitment Consultant at Samuel James Associates, a company in the United Kingdom.

So, Gabriella is a stunning model as well as a senior recruitment consultant.


Gabriella Bardsley Social Media: Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIN

Gabriella Bardsley is one of the hottest football daughters, like Kenny Dalglish’s daughters, so she is quite famous on social media platforms.

She can be found on Instagram where she has over 70k followers. On Instagram, she often posts pictures of herself, her friends, family and her travelling activities.

On TikTok, she has over 7k followers with over 70k likes. On this platform, she uploads videos of herself and her mom as well as her trying out new filters and teasing her siblings.

On LinkedIn, she is rarely active over here, but still has over 500 connections.


Gabriella Bardsley FAQs

How old is Gabriella Bardsley?

She is 21 years old.

What does Gabriella Bardsley do?

She is a model and a senior recruitment consultant.

Who is Gabriella Bardsley’s biological father?

Phil Bardsley is her adoptive father.

Who is Gabriella Bardsley?

She is the daughter of Phil Bardsley and Tanya Bardsley.


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