Graeme Souness Wife: All You Need To Know About Karen Souness

Graeme Souness’ Wife Intro:

Karen Souness is the beautiful wife of Graeme Souness, who is one of the most popular football pundits in the world right now. She has been the subject of headlines over the years, considering how good she was as an actress. In this article, we will be listing out all the facts you should know about this amazing wife of Graeme Souness. But before that, let’s talk a bit about her husband.

Graeme Souness was a Scottish professional football player and manager. While he was quite famous during his time as a footballer, Souness became more renowned for his punditry over the last decade. He is especially popular for criticizing Paul Pogba (when he was at Manchester United) eighteen times. There were even memes made due to his criticism. But enough about the man, let’s talk about Graeme Souness’s wife now. Stay tuned.


Who is Graeme Souness’ Wife?

Karen Souness is the second/current wife of Liverpool legend, Graeme Souness, who is now a football pundit. The couple has been together since 1994.

Although she wasn’t his first legal wife, Souness was previously married to Danielle Wilson from 1984 to 1989. They had four children together, including the daughter he adopted from her previous relationship.

Graeme got married to Karen Souness in 1994, and they have been together ever since. The couple is blessed with a son, and two more children adopted from Karen’s previous relationship.

Graeme Souness and wife Karen are pictured at the beach while on holiday in Barbados. Photo credit: Queensofthenorth/MEGA

Who is Karen Souness?

Karen Souness is the current wife of Graeme Souness, and she is a beautiful blonde just like Bernadien Eillert. Aside from that, she also became popular for appearing in the 1985 Jame Bond film titled “A View To A Kill”. In the film, she played Countdown’s second “letters girl”. She had been seen publicly with Graeme Souness several times during holidays or something else. Below are some facts about Karen Souness.


Karen Souness Age & Biography:

Karen Souness was born to the Loughlin family in Scotland on April 2 1960. As of 2023, Karen is 63 years of age. She is Scottish by Nationality just like her husband.

Karen Loughlin first got married to Jonathan Levy, who was running a clothes company back then. Karen was a secretary in the company. She couple had two children between them before the divorce.

Graeme Souness met Karen at a wine bar in Cheshire in 1992. They dated for a while before the couple decided to tie the knot of marriage in 1994. The couple gave birth to a son, James Souness, just six years after their wedding in Las Vegas. Souness adopted the two children Karen had in her previous relationship.


Karen Souness Family

Although Karen had been spotted several times by the media, there was not enough information about her to go around. Her family’s information is only privy to her close associates and children. However, we do know that her real name is Karen Loughlin. Which means that her family’s name is Loughlin.


Karen Souness Career

When she first got married to Jonathan Levy, she was a secretary in his clothes company. Karen was also an actress and landed a role in a James Bond series titled “A View To A Kill”. Aside from that she also appeared in Sale of the Century (1971), The Saints Went Marching Out (1980) and Countdown (1982).

Now she just enjoys going on holiday with her husband Graeme Souness.


Karen Souness & Graeme Souness Children:

Having previously had two children (Lauren & Daniel Levy) for Jonathan Levy in her first marriage, and with a son (James Souness) given birth to in her marriage with Graeme Souness, Karen has three children in total.

Graeme Souness also has three children with his first wife; one daughter (Chantelle) and two sons (Fraser and Jordan).

Lauren is a sports presenter for Al-Jazeera.


Karen Souness & Graeme Souness’ House

Graeme Souness and his wife both live in their family home in Sandbanks, Pool, Dorset. This was after Souness sold his previous family home in Colinton in Edinburgh back in 2010.


Karen Souness Hobbies

Graeme Souness’ wife is quite adorable with diverse skill sets which have landed her jobs in different industries. Her hobbies are dancing, singing and swimming.

And that is all we know about Karen Souness, Graeme Souness’ wife. If more information is revealed, this post will be updated. So stay tuned. Check out other footballers’ wives on…

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