“He’s a Beast” Tammy Abraham speaks about Liverpool Van Dijk

Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham, who has been prolific for his club since the beginning of the season, came out to the media to confirm Liverpool centre-back Virgil van Dijk has is the toughest opponent yet so far in his career.

Abraham, who is currently representing England in the Three Lions squad this international break, was given his chance to be Chelsea number one striker this season.

The Blues centre-forward faced off against the Reds defender last month, with Liverpool running off with all three points in a 2-1 defeat at the Stamford Bridge.

The England international had a decent game against Champions League winner, being a constant threat upfront for Chelsea but was mainly dominated by the Reds’ defender van Dijk.

With the game sadly ending in a 2-1 defeat at Stamford Bridge, Abraham was frustrated as he was unable to find the back of the net in the match.

The 22-year-old striker has been a key player for Europa League holders this season having found the back of the 8 times in 8 Premier League matches this season.

Talking about Van Dijk, Abraham said to Mirror: “He’s a beast, he’s just good at what he does. He’s experienced. I try to do a little… I try to use my tricks in my head but his understanding of the game is top drawer.

“It is to do with little things. Movement. My movement in the box, some defenders don’t pay attention to me – they are only focused on the ball.

“With him, it’s kind of both, he’s paying attention to me and the ball knows where I am, knows where I want to go, follows me.

“It’s quite annoying for a striker – just leave me alone!”

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