Who is Kate Merson? All You Need To Know About Paul Merson’s Wife

Paul Merson’s Wife Intro

Kate Merson is the wife of former footballer and manager Paul Merson, considered an Arsenal legend. Kate Merson is the third wife of Merson after failing at his previous two due to addictions. In this article, we will be covering everything you need to know about Kate, Paul Merson’s wife.

During his football years, Paul Merson was considered one of the best players of his time. He was most famous for his time with Arsenal, where he found success and lifted several trophies with the North London club including two league titles, one FA Cup, and one European Cup Winners’ Cup. He retired from professional football back in 2006 and picked up a new career as a Sky Sports pundit. Merson still managed to become one of the most popular pundits in the industry. However, this article isn’t about the life of the Arsenal legend, instead, it is about the beautiful Paul Merson’s wife; Kate.


Who Is Kate Merson?

Once more, Kate Merson is the wife of Arsenal legend, Paul Merson. The couple tied the knot with the former footballer in 2016 in England. This was ten years after he retired from footballer.

The duo have remained married to each other ever since they tied the knot. The couple has three children between them, but Paul Merson has eight children, with five coming from his previous two marriages. To deal with the problems from the previous marriage, Kate Merson is now in charge of her husband’s income, and she gives him allowance to avoid making the same mistakes. She is a strong woman like Robbie Savage’s wife who has witnessed her husband being booed by fans of opposing clubs.

Kate Merson Biography

While almost no information is known about Paul Merson’s wife, we do know that she looks to be in her late 30s. She is an English citizen by birth, and her birthday is only known to her husband, family and close associates. Growing up she was known to be hard-working, according to Paul Merson.

Kate’s mother and father’s names are currently unknown to the media. But we know that she has given birth to three children and manages her husband’s finances.

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Kate Merson Education & Career

Kate Merson finished high school and university in England. And while it is uncertain what she majored in, we do understand that she received a degree in England.

While her degree is unknown to the public, we know it’s related to arts as she previously worked in several visual communication and printing organizations. Plus, Paul Merson’s wife was revealed to be interested in art and designs.


Kate Merson and Paul Merson’s Children

Paul Merson is surrounded by children as he previously scored five children from his first and second marriages.

His union with Kate Merson is blessed with three children.

Kate Merson Social Media

Unlike the popular WAGs, we are used to seeing in the media, Kate Merson’s social media accounts are currently only known to her children and husband. So, we have no idea about her Facebook or Twitter account. Well, at least not in this article. However, her Instagram account is here, but it’s private.


Facts About Paul Merson’s Wife

  • Kate Merson manages her husband’s finances and gives him an allowance.
  • She got married to Paul Merson in 2016.
  • Her union with her husband is blessed with three children.

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