Who is Luviana Seedorf? Meet The Ex-Wife Of Clarence Seedorf

Luviana Seedorf Intro:

Luviana Seedorf is the ex-wife of famous footballer Clarence Seedorf, who is regarded as one of the best midfielders during his footballing years. She was one of the prettiest WAGs in the world of football till she parted ways with the former Dutch footballer. She was quite popular back in the day as she was often seen with Seedorf, and many footballers usually look forward to seeing Luviana Seedorf during football events. However, little is known about this stunning beauty, and in this article, we will be exploring all the facts you should know about her from age and biography to children and career. Stay tuned.

Who is Luviana Seedorf?

Luviana Seedorf is the former wife of Clarence Seedorf, she is a Brazilian with stunning beauty that is still evident to this day. In her marriage with Seedorf, she gave birth to four children before the union became obsolete in 2018.

Aside from that Luviana Seedorf is also a businesswoman as she operates several small businesses in Brazil. Most football fans that know all about Clarence Seedorf have probably seen or heard of Luviana Seedorf once or twice.

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Luviana Seedorf Age & Biography

Luviana Seedorf, whose full name is Luviana Jayden Viana, was born on 1st May 1976 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is also where she grew up and also completed her studies. She shares the same year as her former husband but with differing months. Luviana Seedorf is currently 47 years old.

Luviana Seedorf was born to the Viana family, but information about her family can’t be found out as she prefers not to reveal that personal information which is only known to her children and probably ex-husband, Clarence Seedorf.


How Did Luviana Meet Clarence Seedorf?

It was stated that Luviana first saw Seedorf in a bar, with its name unknown. The couple seemed to fall in love with each other and went on to walk down the aisle with each other. Their wedding was done behind closed doors, and only families and close associates marked attendance.

The couple were together for a long while before they eventually separated with a divorce in 2018 with four children. Now, Clarence Seedorf is married to Sophia Makramati, a Canadian businesswoman.

Luviana Seedorf Career

Before Luviana met Clarence Seedorf at a bar, she was a professional dancer. However, she sacrificed that job to be with her then-husband. Following that, she operated a beauty salon in Della Spiga, Milan, Italy, which was quite popular amongst footballers and their spouses as well as other kinds of people.

While Luviana was married to the Dutch legend, the couple co-founded a Japanese restaurant, “Fingers”, in 2004. With the couple going their separate ways, it is uncertain if only one of them operates the restaurant or if the partnership is still intact. The restaurants were also founded in other locations like Dubai, France and Milan.


Luviana Seedorf & Clarence Seedorf Children

The union of Luviana Jayden Viana and Clarence Seedorf produced four children: Denzel, Darjaene, Jaysyley and Larisha Seedorf.

Jaysyley was her first child and daughter, and she is currently based in London, where she is studying Spanish at King’s College.

Denzel Seedorf, on the other hand, is following in his father’s footsteps by taking up a career as a footballer. He is currently playing for the AC Milan U16 team. Almost nothing is known about Darjaene and Larisha Seedorf.


Luvina Seedorf Social Media

Clarence Seedorf ex-wife isn’t really popular amongst football fans, and she is also not seeking to be one of the famous football Wags like Sofia Calzetti and Bouchra van Persie. But she still can be found on Instagram where she posts all kinds of stuff including her children and a bit of her lifestyle.


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