Marcus Rashford Parents: All You Need To Know About Robert and Melanie Rashford

Marcus Rashford Parents Intro:

For every Marcus Rashford avid fan, there has always been the constant need to know everything about the amazing player. From his lifestyle to cars and even to his family. Marcus Rashford’s parents have always been one of the most talked about topics across his fanbase. In this article, we will be giving all you the facts you need to know about the parent of this Manchester United player.

Marcus Rashford is considered to be one of the best forwards in Europe, and he plays for Manchester United. In the 2022/23 campaign, Rashford has been in red-hot form as he helps his club charge back into challenging for a European spot for the next season. Rashford is also a philanthropist as he is a popular campaigner against child hunger, homelessness and racism in the United Kingdom. However, this article isn’t about his legend, rather it is about Rashford’s parents. So stay tuned. (Read: Marcus Rashford net worth)


Who Is Marcus Rashford Parent?

Marcus Rashford was born to Robert Rashford and Melanie Maynard on 31 October 1997. To be clear, Robert and Melanie Rashford are Marcus Rashford’s parents. Below are a few facts about them.


Who is Robert Rashford?

Robert Rashford is the father of Marcus Rashford, who is a popular football forward in Europe. Robert is of Jamaican descent, and he wasn’t around much while Marcus was growing up. He was raised, mostly, by his mother, Melanie Rashford, along with four other siblings. Nothing much is known about Robert Rashford as he has never been seen by the media with the footballer.


Who is Melanie Rashford/Maynard?

Melanie Rashford is the mother of Marcus Rashford, who plays for Manchester United. Being of Kittitian descent, Melanie raised Rashford and his other siblings in Fallowfield, Withington, as a single parent as their father wasn’t around at all.

While raising her children, including Marcus Rashford, Melanie, sometimes, had to work multiple jobs to feed them. And she even goes as far as skipping meals to ensure they eat.

Robert & Melanie Rashford: Are They Still Together?

Not anymore. Despite Robert and Melanie Rashford having five kids between them, Marcus Rashford’s father has not been around the family for a long while, with Melanie Rashford stepping up to be the single parent for all five children.

Robert & Melanie Rashford Children

Before Marcus Rashford came to this world, there were already four older children between Robert and Melanie Rashford. Marcus Rashford has four older siblings; two brothers, Dwaine Maynard and Dane Rashford and his two sisters, Chantelle and Claire Rashford.

Marcus Rashford Parents FAQs

Robert Rashford is Marcus Rashford's father.
Melanie Rashford/Maynard is Marcus Rashford's mother.
Marcus Rashford has four older siblings; two brothers and two sisters.

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