Marina Dalglish: All You Need To Know About Kenny Dalglish’s Wife

Kenny Dalglish’s Wife Intro

Marina Dalglish is the beautiful wife of Celtic and Liverpool legend, Kenny Dalglish. Although she isn’t as popular as her husband, she played a big role in helping the Liverpool legend become who he is today, and she is also a great homemaker and philanthropist.

Kenny Dalglish is regarded as one of the greatest footballers who played for Liverpool. He was acclaimed to be one of the best players to have ever graced English football, and he was inducted not only into the Scottish Football Hall of Fame but also for England. As a footballer and a manager, Kenny Dalglish’s career was blessed with trophies. He won trophies at Celtic and Liverpool as a player before snatching them once more as a manager. However, this article isn’t about the incredible career of Kenny Dalglish, it is about his wife, Marina Dalglish.

Who is Marina Dalglish?

As stated before, Marina Dalglish is the wife of former England and Liverpool forward, Kenny Dalglish. The couple tied the marriage knot on November 1974 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Marina Dalglish is quite lively and is extremely extroverted despite her age. She loves to travel, as she frequents Spain a lot. They have a home there. She is the founder of Marina Dalglish Appeal, a charity foundation created to help people with breast cancer.

Marina Dalglish Age & Biography

Her name, before getting married to Kenny Dalglish, was Marina Harkins. She was born in 1954 in Glasgow, Scotland to Pat Harkins and an unnamed mother. No specific birth date was disclosed to the public. While we don’t know much information about her family, we do know that her father was a part-owner of a Glasgow pub she was working. That was where she met a 20-year-old Celtic Kenny while working as a 17-year-old teenager at the pub.

She was an outgoing girl during her early years as she loved to go on dates with Kenny Dalglish at the time. On their first date, Kenny took her to see a movie called The Million Dollar Duck. Before turning 49, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which was where her life took an amazing turn in philanthropy.

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Marina Dalglish Career

Although not much is known about the education of Marina Dalglish, we do know about her founding of the Marina Dalglish Appeal which was created to help breast cancer patients.

The establishment of the charity foundation was the aftermath of her becoming a victim of cancer itself, but being the strong and lively woman she is, Marina defeated the breast cancer and went on to help many lives. Today, she is an advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness as her foundation helped fund new cancer treatment equipment for UK hospitals.

In 2012, the foundation made a £2 million donation to The Walton Centre to help purchase a new MRI scanner for breast cancer patients. In 2022, she worked with the Director of Breast Screening and Consultant Breast Surgeon at Liverpool University Hospitals and Wendy Thompson, a Screening Programme Manager, to help get new scanners in place to make screening more convenient for patients in Liverpool.


Marina Dalglish & Kenny Dalglish’s Children

The union of Marina Harkins and Kenny Dalglish is blessed with four children; Kelly, Paul, Lynsey and Lauren.

Kelly is a popular sports presenter who worked for BBC Radio 5 and Sky Sports. Paul became a footballer playing in the Premier League and Scottish Premiership before joining Houston Dynamo in the United States Major League Soccer. He retired from football in 2008 and became a coach. Lynsey graduated with a degree in Sports Science.Kenny Dalglish's Family


Marina Dalglish’s Net Worth

Although, Marina Dalglish has been quite outgoing in her foundation and charity events to help raise people’s awareness of breast cancer in the United Kingdom, not enough of her is known to give a proper estimation of her net worth. However, Kenny Dalglish’s net worth is estimated to be around $11 million.

Marina Dalglish’s Social Media

After establishing her Marina Dalglish Appeal foundation with her husband, Marina is active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the name of her foundation; The Marina Dalglish Appeal.

You can find it on Instagram through this link.

You can find it on Facebook through this link.

You can find it on Twitter through this link.


Marina Dalglish’s Facts

  • Her first date with Kenny Dalglish was a movie date.
  • Marina met Kenny at a Glasgow pub partly owned by her father Pat Harkins.
  • She is the founder of the Marina Dalglish Appeal which is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness.
  • Marina Dalglish is a mother of four children.
  • She defeated breast cancer flawlessly.

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