Who is Mason Gascoigne? All You Need To Know About Paul Gascoigne’s Son

Mason Gascoigne Intro: Who is Mason Gascoigne?

Mason Gascoigne is the oldest son of Paul Gascoigne, a former English footballer who made his name known in the English Top Flight.

Paul John Gascoigne is a former English football player who played as an attacking midfielder. During his football years, Gascoigne was considered the most naturally talented English footballer of his generation. He was most renowned for playing in the Premier League with Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur. Paul Gascoigne’s net worth was a result of his amazing football career which he also played in the Italian Serie A with Lazio and Rangers. He also played for Middlesbrough, Everton, Burnley, Gansu Tianma (China League One) and Boston United, where he retired his football boots. But this article is not about the legend of the footballer, instead, we will be talking about his son, Mason Gascoigne. So read on!


How Old Is Mason Gascoigne?

Mason Gascoigne was born in 1989 in Cambridgeshire, England. That means he’ll be turning 34 years of age in 2023, considering we have no inclusive knowledge of the specific month and date he was born in that year.


Mason Gascoigne’s Parents

Mason Gascoigne is one of the two children in Sheryl Gascoigne’s previous relationship with Colin Kyle. But their relationship was short-lived.

Eventually, Sheryl got married to Paul Gascoigne in 1996 and brought her two children into her new home, including Mason. Although the couple split in 1998, Mason and his sister continue to adopt the Gascoigne surname.


Mason Gascoigne Education & Career: What Does He Do?

Although we have no information about his education and how he grew up, it is certain he attended a prolific school and graduated. This is considering Paul Gascoigne’s fortune as a footballer.

Mason Gascoigne is currently a Senior Sales Manager with international leisure brands, which is quite impressive.

Mason Gascoigne and Jaimee Wyatt

Mason Gascoigne’s Wife & Son

Mason is currently married to Jaimee Wyatt, and the couple is blessed with a son named Henry. Below is an Instagram post of Bianca Gascoigne and Henry.


Mason Gascoigne’s Facts:

  • Mason Gascoigne’s father is named Colin Kyle.
  • Paul Gascoigne is Mason’s adopted dad.
  • Mason is married to Jaimee Wyatt.
  • He has a kid named Henry.


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