Who is Melanie Walcott? Meet The Beautiful Theo Walcott Wife

Theo Walcott’s Wife Intro:

Melanie Walcott is the beautiful wife of Theo Walcott, who is now a retired professional football player. Melanie Walcott has played a huge role in the professional career of the former English player. The couple have been together since 2004, which was before he made his first-team debut for Southampton. In this article, we will be listing out all the facts about Melanie Walcott, Theo Walcott’s wife, who has been with him through thick and thin.

Who is Theo Walcott? Theo Walcott is an English professional football player who is mostly renowned for his time at Arsenal, which is also where he won most of his trophies. He also played for Everton and Southampton before he finally hung his football boots. We wrote a fine article on Theo Walcott’s net worth, check it out.

Who is Theo Walcott’s Wife?

Melanie Slade, popularly known as Melanie Walcott, is the beautiful wife of Theo Walcott, who is a popular football figure in the English Premier League, having scored over 100 goals for Arsenal.

The couple had been together for years before they decided to get married in 2012. It was revealed that the former English player has been dating Melanie since 2004 when they met at WestQuay shopping centre in Southampton.

Who is Melanie Walcott?

Melanie Walcott is a professional actress, but she is popularly renowned as the wife of Theo Walcott, who was one of the versatile forwards in the English Premier League throughout his football career.

She has been spotted with her husband, Theo Walcott several times over the years, and unlike Dawn Ward, she doesn’t make the headlines frequently. Aside from that, Melanie Walcott prefers to stay away from the spotlight. Below are a few facts about her.

Melanie Walcott Bio & Age: How old is Theo Walcott’s Wife

Melanie Walcott was born on 22 October 1989 as Melanie Rebecca Elizabeth Hannah Slade. Her name was previously Melanie Slade before she got married to Theo Walcott in 2012.

Melanie Walcott is 34 years old in 2023, and her nationality is English.


Melanie Walcott’s Career: What does Theo Walcott’s wife do?

Melanie Walcott completed her General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE).

She currently has a career as a sports physiotherapist. This came after she tried becoming an actress, with her landing a role in the famous Harry Potter series. She landed the character of Hermione Grainger. She is also a housewife taking care of her two children with Theo Walcott.


Melanie Walcott and Theo Walcott’s Children

After eight years of dating, Melanie Walcott finally said yes to Theo Walcott, and the couple went on to tie the knot of marriage at the Castello di Vincigliata in Tuscany, Italy in June 2013.

A year later, on 10 April 2014, the couple welcomed their first child Finley James Walcott. On 26 November 2016, Arlo Walcott was born, and he became their second child.

Currently, Melanie and Theo Walcott have two children; Finley and Arlo Walcott, both boys. We wrote an article on all the facts known on Finley Walcott, check it out.

Melanie Walcott Social Media

Unlike Bouchra van Persie and Taylor Ward, Melanie Walcott is one of those football WAGs who loves to keep a low profile in the social media world, just like Bernadien Eillert and Amy Fletcher.

She can’t be found on Instagram but on Twitter (X). However, Theo Walcott’s wife’s last post on the social media platform dates back to 2018.


Theo Walcott FAQs

How old is Melanie Walcott?

She is 34 years old.

Who is Theo Walcott’s wife?

Melanie Walcott is Theo Walcott’s wife.

How many children does Melanie Walcott have?

Two children; Finley and Arlo Walcott.

What does Melanie Walcott do?

She is a sports physiotherapist.


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