Top Five Most Expensive Goalkeeper Gloves You Can Buy

In football (soccer), the practical positions known to the average layman are; goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and striker. Every one of these positions is important to every team hoping to clinch a title or compete for one. All football clubs always ensure that their players, regardless of the position they play, are fitted with the right equipment meant for them.

The strikers will put on football boots that support rapid movements, midfielders will have football boots with high-level firm-ground tech for balancing and so on. Goalkeepers, on the other hand, will not only be fitted with the best football boots but also with the best goalkeeping gloves to improve their skills at the goal. Some of them even go as far as equipping the most expensive goalkeeper gloves to ensure they perform to the best of their abilities week in and week out.

Ever since football was founded, goalie gloves have always been integral for goalkeepers across the globe. The best goalkeeper gloves will ensure that shot-stoppers will perform at their best for their teams. However, we won’t be talking about the best goalkeeper gloves. In this article, we will be listing the five most expensive goalkeeper gloves in 2022. Read On!


5. Adidas Predator Pro

If you’re a fan of football or a fan of Adidas, you should have come across several Predator series of this top brand. The Adidas Predator series have always been prevalent in football kits across the world as they are worn by many footballers. This goalkeeping Adidas Predator Pro is no different.

The Adidas Predator Pro gloves are one of the best goalkeeper gloves you can get your hands on. It has a futuristic design with a skin-tight masterclass that will help goalkeepers ward off shots flawlessly. It is especially popular amongst top-class goalkeepers like Gianluigi Donnarumma and David De Gea.

Adidas Predator Pro GK

It features a silicone Zone Skin coating on the backhand ensuring that you’ll be able to clear the ball quite well. It also features a URG 2.0 palm that ensures extended grip. It is strapless, and it fits the hand quite naturally. The Adidas Predator Pro gloves are priced at $120 making them the fifth most expensive goalkeeper gloves on this list.


4. Nike Vapor Grip 3

The Nike Vapor Grip 3 ranks fourth on this list of most expensive goalkeeper gloves as it is priced at $130. Just like the football boot Vapor series, this Nike goalkeeper glove comes with high tech. It has an updated pattern on the palm wrapped around the backhand to give the perfect fit to goalkeepers.

Nike Vapor Grip 3

The Nike Vapor Grip 3 has foam cushioning with All Conditions Control technology to ensure it stays fitted in wet and dry conditions. It also comes with Nike’s 4mm Contact Plus Foam which allows the gloves to absorb shot impact with an improved grip. Overall, it is one of the best goalkeeper gloves you can buy on the market.


3. Reusch Attrakt Freegel Fusion Goaliator

While Reusch is not all that popular for all other products, they are kind of a big deal when it comes to goalkeeper gloves. They are the best in terms of goalkeeper gloves. This Reusch Attrakt Freegel Fusion goalkeeper glove is a testament to that.

Reusch Attrakt Freegel Fusion Goaliator

Reusch Attrakt Freegel Fusion comes with the new Reusch Grip latex with Fusion technology that ensures enhanced grip in all conditions, wet or dry. The Freegel in its name implied that the Freegel silicone was applied to ensure the flexibility of the glove in the backhand which will also ensure maximum stability and control. Priced at $150, the Reusch Attrakt Freegel Fusion Goaliator glove is the third most expensive goalkeeper glove you can buy.


2. Nike GK Mercurial Touch Elite

The Nike GK Mercurial Touch Elite come second at $150 as one of the most expensive goalkeeper gloves you can buy on the market. Just like the Mercurial series for football boots, this goalkeeper glove comes with the All Conditions Control that ensures optimal grip in all types of weather for goalkeepers.Nike GK Mercurial Touch Elite

It also comes with the Negative Cut technology that gives a second-skin feel to enhance the feel of the ball, as well as the Punch Zone that ensures to give control to goalkeepers when clearing the ball by punching them. The backhand is designed with a stretch latex foam to give an enhance fit while making it feel lightweight at the same time. It is one of the best goalkeeper gloves you can get.


1. Reusch Attrakt Freegel Fusion Ortho-Tec Goaliato 

Here we are. The most expensive football boot is the Reusch Attrakt Freegel Fusion Ortho-Tec Goaliato which is priced at $200 currently. That price has a lot of features embedded in it otherwise Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny won’t be wearing it.Reusch Attrakt Freegel Fusion Ortho-Tec Goaliato

It features the Reusch-Grip palm with Fusion technology which ensures optimal grip and durability in all kinds of weather as it comes coated with highly resistant latex and wet-weather focused latex. Aside from that, the DuraGuard was also integrated into the base of the palm to reinforce its high wear area. The Ortho-Tec finger protection took the form of five removable spines, with fitting elastic pockets, to ensure high finger mobility that can prevent injury. And what about its punching ability? Freegel silicon was added to ensure maximum stability when punching the ball clear. Reusch Attrakt Freegel Fusion Ortho-Tec Goaliato is, definitely, worth its price.



Naturally, the most expensive goalkeeper gloves will be no problem for the most expensive goalkeepers in the world, so they won’t have a problem buying them. However, if you’re an aspiring goalkeeper, you shouldn’t go for the products on this list. Instead, you should consider goalkeeper gloves at a budgeted price.


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