Who is Paul Ince’s Wife? Meet The Beautiful Claire Ince

Paul Ince Wife Intro:

Claire Ince is the beautiful wife of Paul Ince, who was mostly renowned for his time as a footballer for Manchester United and Liverpool. Just like every other footballer’s wife, Claire Ince played a pivotal role in the career of Paul Ince, both on and off the pitch. His wife has managed to stay with him through thick and thin, and they have beautiful children together. In this article, we will be exploring all about Paul Ince’s wife. Stay tuned.

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Who is Paul Ince’s Wife?

Paul Ince’s wife is Claire Ince, who is a beautiful blonde. The couple have been married since the summer of 1990, even before the First Division became the Premier League. Paul Ince and Claire Ince’s union is blessed with three children; two boys and a girl. We’ll get to that in a minute.


Who is Claire Ince?

Claire Ince is mostly renowned for being the wife of Paul Ince, who was the manager of Reading FC until recently. Reports have it that the couple started dating a while back before they tied the knot of marriage in June 1990. Since 1990, she has continued to play a role in the career of Paul Ince from retiring as a player in 2007 to starting his managerial career with Milton Keynes Dons.


Claire Ince Age: How Old is Claire Ince?

Claire Ince was born on 20 March 1973, in England. She is 50 years old in 2023. Her 50th birthday was celebrated by her husband, Paul Ince, and her children.

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Claire Ince Career: What Does Claire Ince Do?

Unlike some popular football WAGS, Claire Ince loves to keep her personal and private life away from the prying eyes of social media, so almost nothing is known about her family.

Information regarding her career hasn’t been revealed to the public media, and it probably won’t be anymore. She, however, is still a housewife and mother to her husband and children.


Claire Ince Children: Who are Claire Ince Children?

Paul Ince and Claire Ince have been married since 1990, and ever since the couple have managed to raise three beautiful children in their marriage; two boys and a girl.

Tom, Daniel and Ria Ince are the three children Claire Ince gave birth to for Paul Ince.

Tom is the eldest of the bunch, and he ends up following his father’s footsteps to play football. He is currently playing for Watford in the Championship. Ria Ince is the youngest of the bunch, and she’s a daddy’s girl.


Claire Ince’s Social Media

Unlike Bouchra van Persie and Taylor Ward, Paul Ince’s wife can’t be found on most social media platforms. However, Claire can be found on Instagram, as her husband, Paul Ince, tags her on his post once in a while. Her account is set to private, and you will have to follow her account to check out her posts.


Claire Ince FAQs

Who is Paul Ince’s wife?

Claire Ince is the wife of Paul Ince.

How many children does Claire Ince have?

Claire Ince has three children with Paul Ince; Tom, Daniel and Ria Ince.

How old is Claire Ince – Paul Ince’s Wife?

She is 50 years old in 2023.

When did Paul Ince get married to Claire Ince?

In June 1990.


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