Who is Rossana Kluivert? All The Facts About Patrick Kluivert’s Wife

Who is Patrick Kluivert’s Wife?

Rossana Kluivert is the beautiful wife of Patrick Kluivert, who is one of the most iconic football players of all time. Although Rossana is his second wife, the couple has stayed married to each other since 2008. While Kluivert is a popular name in Dutch and Spain, little is known about his wife Rossana Kluivert. In this article, we will be talking about Patrick Kluivert’s wife, so stay tuned in.

Patrick Kluivert is considered to be one of the best Dutch strikers of all time, and he was most renowned for his time with AFC Ajax, Barcelona and the Dutch national team. Just like Rivaldo, Kluivert was named in the FIFA 100, a great football list that was picked by Pele. Throughout his career, Kluivert has won three Eredivisie titles, two Dutch Super Cups, one Champions League title, one UEFA Super Cup, one La Liga and one Intercontinental Cup. However, this article isn’t about him, but instead about his wife, Rossana Kluivert.

Who is Rossana Kluivert?

Rossana Kluivert is the stunning brunette wife of Patrick Kluivert, who is one of the most legendary football players in the world. Rossana got married to Kluivert in 2008, and ever since the couple has managed to stay glued together. Both of them have been spotted on different occasions and outings, with their children. The couple is blessed with six children, with three coming from Kluivert’s previous marriage. Here are some facts about her.


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Rossana Kluivert’s Age & Bio

Rossana Kluivert was born on October 22, 1973, in the Netherlands. She is currently 50 years of age.

Aside from that, nothing is known about her father, mother or siblings, as she prefers to keep that information private despite being active on social media. She is quite active on social media, and you can see that she loves travelling with her hubby, Patrick Kluivert.

Rossana Kluivert Career

It is speculated that Rossana Kluivert runs several small businesses, but we don’t know how true this is. What we do know about her career is that she worked as a stylist for fashion shows, so she managed to garner a bit of fame in the fashion industry.


Rossana Kluivert & Patrick Kluivert’s Children

Ever since Rossana got married to Patrick Kluivert in 2008, she gave birth to three children, Shane Patrick Kluivert, Nino Wilkes, and Demi Wilkes. She also has three stepchildren from her husband’s previous marriage; Quincy, Justin and Ruben Kluivert.

Shane Patrick Kluivert currently plays for the Barcelona U16 team, and he is also being sponsored by Nike Football.


A Free Fur Activist

Rossana Kluivert is a Free Fur activist, and she is working towards the banning of animal cruelty in the fur industry. From this, you can tell that she is a lover of animals and has a good heart.

CEO Of A Clothing Brand

When she is not being an activist, Patrick Kluivert’s wife goes to office as the CEO of a Dutch clothing brand, QURC Amsterdam.

While QURC might not be as popular as some clothing brands you already know of, it has still managed to pull off partnerships with Heineken, Mazda, Yoyo and Restaurant Merlet. QURC is still a young and growing brand, so you can expect more from it and Rossana Kluivert, who is slowly building her net worth.


Patrick Kluivert’s Wife Is A Cancer Survivor

Rossana Kluivert was first diagnosed with lymphoma, and she managed to fight back against it and won. Five years later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she defeats cancer once more.


Over 70k Followers on Instagram

Unlike some football wags that love to avoid sharing their social lives on social media, Rossana Kluivert is quite active on her Instagram account. She has over 70k followers on Instagram. You can find her there by searching rossanakluivert on the platform.

Rossana Kluivert’s FAQs

50 years old, she was born on October 22, 1973.
Yes, he is married to Rossana Kluivert.
She is the CEO of QURC, a growing clothing brand.
She is the wife of Patrick Kluivert and also the CEO of QURC.

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