Sarah Savage: All You Need To Know About Robbie Savage’s Wife

Robbie Savage’s Wife Intro

Sarah Savage is the beautiful wife of former Wales International, Robbie Savage, who made his mark in the Premier League. But she is not the typical WAG that we are all familiar with today. In this article, we will be talking about all the facts you should arm yourself with about Sarah Savage. Read on.

Robbie Savage was considered one of the best Welsh midfielders during his time in the Premier League. While he isn’t as famous as other great footballers during his time, he still managed to make his name known in the English top flight. But, we are not interested in talking about the legend of Robbie Savage, we will, instead, be talking about the wife of Robbie Savage.


Who is Sarah Savage?

Robbie Savage was able to tie the knots of marriage with Sarah Savage in 2002, the same year he moved to Birmingham City from Leicester City. The couple had been together since 1996, and it can be described as love at first sight for Robbie as he got entranced as soon as she was introduced to him by Danny Murphy.

However, nothing much is known about Sarah Savage as she just prefers to be in her zone with a little spotlight from the media. But we will still be exploring the little we know about her in this article.


Sarah Savage Biography

We know nothing about the birthdate of Robbie Savage’s wife, aside from the fact that she was born in Chester. So, she is an English citizen by birth. Unlike her husband who can almost be seen at football events, Sarah doesn’t love the spotlight and prefers to keep her private life, private. Not even the name of her father or mother is known to the public. But we do know she is an only daughter.

What we do know about her is that she is living with her husband and two kids (Freddie & Charlie) in Alderley Edge, where they share the neighbourhood with Owen Hargreaves and Wayne Rooney.


Sarah Savage and Robbie Savage’s Children

Robbie tied the knots with Sarah in 2002, and the couple is blessed with two kids; Charlie and Freddie.

Charlie, signing a professional contract with Manchester United. Charlie Savage went on to make a senior team debut in a UEFA Champions League match against Young Boys. Robbie Savage, his father, made the commentary for BT Sport for that match.


Sarah Savage Education & Career

While Robbie was touring England as a footballer, Sarah Savage was able to finish her degree in Illustration at Hull University. She also had to do three jobs to make a name for herself as a freelance artist.

Sarah Savage is an Illustration artist, but we don’t know if she works at a company or as a freelance artist.


Sarah Savage’s Net Worth

As we have information concerning Sarah Savage is not disclosed to the media, there can be no estimation of Sarah Savage’s net worth. So her net worth is currently unknown.

Her husband, on the other hand, has a net worth of £4 million, which was accumulated during her time as a football player, pundit and also as director of football for Macclesfield FC.


Sarah Savage Social Media

Sarah Savage has no social media presence that we are aware of at this time – a similarity she shares with Bernadien Eillert, but if she ended up creating one, this article will be updated. So bookmark this page.Hot Sarah Savage and Robbie Savage


Facts About Sarah Savage:

  • Robbie Savage chased Sarah for six months till she ended things with her boyfriend before she agreed on a date with him.
  • Her dad didn’t like Robbie at first as his opinions of footballers weren’t that high before, plus he didn’t want Robbie to mess her around.
  • She challenged the abuse hurled at Robbie during games before.

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