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Simon Jordan is an English businessman who accumulated wealth in the mobile phone industry. He also became a popular figure in the football industry after purchasing Crystal Palace Football Club in 2000. He managed the club till 2010, and before that happened, he co-founded Octane, a car magazine, in 2002. Now, the Englishman is known for being a co-presenter on a TalkSPORT programme, White and Jordan. As the previous chairman of Crystal Palace, he was known for hiring and sacking managers during his time at Selhurst Park. In this article, we will be talking about Simon Jordan’s net worth.

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Simon Jordan’s Net Worth

Ever since he bought Crystal Palace in 2000, the Englishman’s net worth has always been talked about. Simon Jordan’s net worth is currently estimated to be £50 million.

Most of this wealth accumulated during his time with a mobile phone retail company, Pocket Phone Shop. He established the company alongside Andrew Briggs with £30,000 in Slough, England. He also managed to gather some wealth during his time as chairman of Crystal Palace, which he managed from 2000 to 2010. He has several private companies in different industries. He has worked in sectors like television, radio, film and other industries. These were significant in pushing Simon Jordan’s net worth to what it is today.

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Simon Jordan’s Age & Career

Born on 24 September 1967 in Thornton Heath, England, Simon Jordan is currently aged 55 at the time of this writing. Growing up, Jordan had the talent to become a football, as he previously signed schoolboy forms with Chealse and Crystal as a young football. Ultimately, however, he wasn’t interested in pursuing football as his profession.

In the 1980s, Simon Jordan was invited by James Wright to join him in his Wright Connections. While the business wasn’t a great success, it wasn’t a bad start either for Jordan, who left the company in the early 1990s.

In 1994, Jordan partnered with Andrew Briggs to establish the Pocket Phone Shop, their mobile phone retail company. They started the company in Slough, Berkshire, England following an agreement with service provider Astec. The business took off brilliantly and successfully. In 2000, the company had 208 outlets across the nation with 1100 staff and a turnover of £102m for the 1999/00 financial year.

However, due to some reasons unknown, he agreed to sell the Pocket Phone Shop to One2One for a reported £80 million. Then he proceed to buy Crystal Palace and appointed himself as chairman to become the youngest chairman of a Football League club at the age of 32. He held ownership of the club from 2000 till 2010. During his tenure with the Selhurst Park outfit, Simon Jordan was notorious for hiring and firing managers that couldn’t perform or have their differences. He even sued a manager (Iain Dowie) after joining another club.

Jordan has a career as a columnist, and he worked with The Observer, and The Sun for a while. He also made appearances on TV including Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway for ITV and BBC’s Question Time.


Simon Jordan’s Wife & Family

Simon Jordan is currently in a relationship with Michelle Dewberry, a businesswoman and a broadcaster. The couple is blessed with a child (a boy) born on July 2020.


Prior to this, Jordan had some entanglements here and there, including Meg Mathews, who he bought a £100,000-worth Porsche as a Christmas gift in 2006. He was also in a relationship with Suzi Walker, and the duo has a girl together, named Cameron (born in January 2008).


Simon Jordan Facts: Did You Know?

  • He has an autobiography named Be Careful What You Wish For.
  • Simon Jordan’s net worth is around £50 million
  • His book received an award at The British Sports Books awards.
  • He executively produced Sweeney Todd, a film featuring Tom Hardy.

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