Who is Simon Jordan’s Wife: All You Need To Know About Michelle Dewberry

Simon Jordan’s Wife Intro:

The beautiful Michelle Dewberry is Simon Jordan’s wife, and the couple have been married for a long while now. She is a stunning blonde that also has a bit of fame of her own, and in this article, we will talk about this pretty Simon Jordan’s wife. So stay tuned.

Simon Jordan is one of the most popular pundits in football. He became popular in the football world after purchasing Crystal Palace Football Club back in 2000. He was known for hiring and sacking managers during his time with the English club before he sold it back. However, this article isn’t about the former Crystal Palace owner, instead, it is about the stunning Michelle Dewberry, Simon Jordan’s wife. Get all the facts about her in this article.

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Who is Simon Jordan’s Wife

Simon Jordan is married to Michelle Dewberry, who is also a businesswoman like her husband. The couple started their relationship in 2019, and they have a baby boy together.

Simon Jordan and his wife has been spotted by the media several times, and Michelle Dewberry uploads pictures of her husband every once in a while on Instagram since Jordan uses the platform anonymously.

Who is Michelle Dewberry?

Michelle Dewberry is Simon Jordan’s wife, but aside from that she is also an English businesswoman, politician, media personality and presenter. She is quite popular in the British media considering her political lifestyle.

Aside from being a businesswoman, Simon Jordan’s wife is an investor, author, and mother. Below are some facts about her.

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Michelle Dewberry Bio & Age

Simon Jordan’s wife was born on 9 October 1979 in Kingston upon Hull, Humberside, England. She is currently 44 years old.

She was born in a council estate in Kingston upon Hull, and growing up, she left school at 16 years of age with two GCSEs. She started her work career with KCOM before proceeding to work in the technology industry. At the age of 24, she started her business transformation consultancy agency.

In 2006, she emerged as the winner of The Apprentice, a British reality TV show in which candidates will compete to work for Alan Sugar, a prolific businessman. Simon Jordan’s wife has her autobiography “Anything is Possible”, so if you want to know more about her, check it out.

Michelle Dewberry’s Career

In 2006, Simon Jordan’s wife started her business consultancy. She is a woman of many things as she previously appeared on the ITV gameshow “The Chase” and made several appearances on BBC’s Question Time. However, she is quite frequent on Sky News’ “The Pledge”.

Michelle Dewberry has a show called “Dewbs & Co” being aired on GB News at 6 pm on weeknights.

Aside from all of that, Simon Jordan’s wife is also a politician. She was an independent pro-Brexit candidate in the 2017 general election in Hull West and Hessle, but she came out fourth with 5.5% of the vote. She came out third in the 2019 general election in Hull West and Hessle for the Brexit Party, with 18% of the vote.


Michelle Dewberry and Simon Jordan Children

Ever since the couple started their relationship, they have had a baby boy between them. He was born on 22 July 2020. His name is not known to the public, but he can be found on Michelle Dewberry’s Instagram page every now and then.

Before Dewberry started dating Jordan, she was previously in a relationship with Syed Ahmed, her The Apprentice co-star. However, she suffered a miscarriage while carrying Ahmed’s baby, and the relationship went downhill after that.

Before Simon Jordan started dating Michelle, he was previously in a relationship with Suzi Walker for a while. Jordan has a daughter with her, Cameron, who was born in January 2008.

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Simon Jordan and Michelle Dewberry Relationship

While it is uncertain when Simon Jordan and Michelle Dewberry started dating or got into a relationship, it is certain that the couple love each other deeply.

They support each other everywhere including the social media and on TV. Simon Jordan’s wife showed her immense support and love for her husband when he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. When Simon Jordan was done with the surgery, Michelle was there for him all through while taking care of their son.


Is Simon Jordan Married?

Simon Jordan is still happily married to Michelle Dewberry, and they are living great with their son.


Michelle Dewberry’s Social Media

Being a politician, media presenter and personality means Simon Jordan’s wife is quite popular in the media. On Instagram, she has over 22k followers and she can be found with the username michelledewbs. On Twitter, Michelle has over 143k loyal followers, and she rarely posts there.

Simon Jordan’s wife FAQs

Michelle Dewberry is Simon Jordan's wife.
Yes, he is married to Michelle Dewberry.
She has one son, whose name is not known to the public media.
Yes, she is a UK politician.

Michelle Dewberry’s Facts

  • She is the winner of BBC’s The Apprentice show in 2006.
  • Michelle Dewberry is Simon Jordan’s wife.
  • She has an autobiography named “Anything Is Possible”.

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