Meet Tamara Tia: The Stunning Wife Of Joe Gomez Of Liverpool

Joe Gomez’s Wife Intro:

Tamara Tia is the stunning wife of Joe Gomez, and the couple have been together ever since they met on the bus on the way to Gomez’s school. A cute love story. She was with him before he broke into Liverpool’s first team, and she was also there when Joe Gomez won the UEFA Champions League with the team. In this article, we will be listing out all the facts about Joe Gomez’s beautiful wife who has always been there for him throughout his victories and defeats.

Joe Gomez is a popular football player in England, and he is mostly renowned for being the defender of Liverpool. In Jurgen Klopp’s team, Joe Gomez has been quite pivotal, but not consistent, and yet he has managed to be one of the prolific defenders in England. With Liverpool, he has won the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, one FA Cup, one UEFA Super Cup and one FIFA Club World Cup. However, this article isn’t about Joe Gomez, it is about his wife, Tamara Tia, who has probably been integral in the player’s development.

Who is Tamara Tia?

Tamara Tia is the beautiful wife of Joe Gomez, who plays as a defender for Liverpool in the English Premier League. Unlike Jennifer Giroud, Tamara wasn’t subjected to several headline news ever since she started dating the love of her life. And that is a good thing. But that also made information about her difficult to collate. Below are all the facts we know about Gomez’s wife.

Tamara Tia Bio & Age: How Old Is Tamara Tia?

Tamara Tia was born on December 28, 1996, in Catford, England. She was born to the Tia family and is proud to be English, who is married to an English footballer.

Joe Gomez’s wife is currently 26 years old and will be turning 27 in December 2023.


Tamara Tia Career: What Does Tamara Tia Do?

Tamara Tia has managed to keep everything about her under wraps including her work life. However, it is understood that she scored herself a degree at the university, so her career will follow that same path. But she does have some hobbies which we will be looking at in this article. She has been quite supportive of her husband’s career as a footballer.


Tamara Tia Hobbies

Joe Gomez’s wife has a few hobbies she adheres to. One of them is travelling; she loves travelling, and Tamara has been to a few countries, having toured most of the United Arab Emirates. She also loves cooking and listening to music.

Tamara Tia and Joe Gomez’s Relationship

In 2014, Joe Gomez met his wife, Tamara, on a bus on his way to school, and he has been smitten ever since. He managed to stay in contact with her, and the couple went on several dates before eventually getting engaged in 2018, which was the same year she finished her degree program at Kingston University. It was also the same year Liverpool won the UEFA Champions League, and the couple’s first child, Kyrie, was born sometime that year. 2018 might just be the lucky year for the English couple.


Tamara Tia and Joe Gomez’s Wedding & Children

After seven years of being together, Joe Gomez finally tied the knot of marriage with Tamara Tia in July 2021 in a private wedding setting. The wedding was attended by friends of the family of the bride and groom, and it was done lowkey away from the media’s attention, but we saw pictures from Tamara’s Instagram.

Tamara Tia & Joe Gomez's Wedding

The couple already had their first child before they got married in 2021. Their son, Kyrie, was born sometime in 2021.

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Tamara Tia Social Media

Tamara Tia can only be found on Instagram, which is where she posts about anything she feels is relatable enough, including her husband and her travels. She also has a couple of friends who are frequent on her social media account.

Tamara Tia FAQs

Who is Joe Gomez’s Wife?

Tamara Tia is the wife of Joe Gomez.

How many children do Tamara Tia and Joe Gomez have?

One son, Kyrie, was born in 2018.

How old is Tamara Tia?

She is 26 years old.

When did Tamara Tia get married?

In July 2021.


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