Teddy Sheringham’s Wife: Meet The Stunning Kristina Andriotis

Kristina Andriotis Intro:

Kristina Andriotis is the stunning wife of the former football player Teddy Sheringham. In this article, we will be listing out all the facts you should know about Mrs Sheringham. Continue reading, and you’ll find out (f**k around and find out?)

Teddy Sheringham is one of the most popular footballers of his generation. He was most renowned for his playing career with Millwall, Nottingham Forest, Tottenham Hotspur, and Manchester United. Having retired from professional football in 2008, the former English footballer lifted several trophies during his football career. But this article isn’t about the amazing career of Teddy Sheringham, it is about his wife, Kristina Andriotis.

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Who is Teddy Sheringham’s Wife?

Kristina Andriotis is married to Teddy Sheringham. The couple has been together for more than half a decade. Although Sheringham had a child, Charlie, from his previous relationship, Kristina was his first legal wife.

The couple tied the knot in a wedding held in Algarve, Portugal on June 2016.


Who is Kristina Andriotis?

Kristina Andriotis is mostly popular for being the stunning wife of former England footballer, Teddy Sheringham. While she has been spotted several times by the media, Kristian Andriotis is a private person that prefers to stay out of the media’s spotlight. Here are some facts about her.

Teddy & Kristina Andriotis Wedding

Kristina Andriotis Bio

Kristina Andriotis was born in 1986, and she is currently aged 36. Nothing much is known about her birth month and date, which is only known exclusively to her family. Fun Fact: She is only two years older than Charlie Sheringham, her husband’s first child.

We also have no information on her country of birth, but we do know that Teddy Sheringham met her in the United Kingdom.


Kristina Andriotis Family

Although Kristina Andriotis loved to keep her life safe away from prying eyes, we still managed to uncover the name of her parents. Her father’s name is Andreas while her mother’s name is Lucy.

She has a sister named Natasha, and she’s also married.


Kristina Andriotis Career

Teddy Sheringham’s wife has a career as a PR Consultant. She is the type of advisor that businesses and famous figures rely on to improve their public image.


Kristina Andriotis Social Media

Just like it is for Teddy Sheringham, Kristina Andriotis has no known social media accounts. But this doesn’t mean that she has no accounts on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. We just don’t know about it, thanks to her extremely private life.


Kristina Andriotis and Teddy Sheringham’s Children

Before Teddy Sheringham got married to her in 2016, the English footballer has been with a son, Charlie, since 1988 from his previous relationship.

The couple started dating in 2007, according to online sources, and they had a four-year-old son born in 2012. He was named George.

The couple has three children between them, with one born in 2018, but no information was disclosed about the new child.

Teddy Sheringham & Children

And that is all about Teddy Sheringham’s wife, Kristina Andriotis. You can read more about footballers’ wives below.

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