Top 10 Most Expensive Football Boots money can buy in 2020!

A Football boot is one of the most essential wears of a soccer player on a pitch. In fact, from its production with improvements being made in every product many companies have thrived in the World based. Football boots have brought about major endorsements from big companies, who dedicate much to produce the best of the best soccer cleats your money can buy. 

There is no doubt you’ve somewhere heard football fans arguing that putting on a good soccer cleat does not make you a better footballer. But you also must know, if you eat burnt meat for breakfast you won’t be getting all the protein you need out of it instead will be taking in carbon (which is definitely not what you want). This is exactly how a soccer cleat is for a footballer, without the proper boots, you won’t be getting the best out of the player. And these days, footballers are very specific on the type of Soccer cleats they put on, with some putting more value on comfort and while some just go for the technology and the design of the framework. 

As you should expect, there are several brands producing soccer cleats in the World, with some having higher customers. Like some, you can be paying a few cash to buy them at your local or online store while some Soccer cleats will cost you some more – which are mostly limited edition. 

But today we will be giving the top ten most expensive soccer cleats in the world

right now, plus what made up the price tag. 



Being Waterproof thanks to the ACC technology, this Nike Football boot was understood to have been specially made for Brazilian superstar Neymar Jr during the 2014 World Cup held at Brazil. It comes fully-packed with a 3D Finish, which majorly increases the grip when it comes in contact with the ball. It is made from an anti-slip material and also possessing an ultra-light insole to support it. 

Many football players, who have graced the soccer cleat, described the cleat to being exceptionally comfy, just like putting on a pair of socks. It is one of the best, and being on the top ten most expensive football boot in 2019, it is priced at $180 as its production was discontinued. 



Old but Gold, that particular phrase was made for this Puma football boot. The Puma King, is, without doubt, one of the greatest soccer boots ever made, as it has been previously worn by the likes of Diego Maradona, Pele and Johannn Cruyff see how old it is and it still retains its popularity over the years.  

It was also worn by Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, and it is much lighter than its predecessor. It is made with a Kangaroo leather upper infused with a 3D touch to improve the football boot control and feel with the ball. Rapid Sprint to provide durability when running and it is firm on the ground. It comes with a well-knitted tongue in the soccer cleat. 

Although the coating at the bottom of the boot may wear off, it has been confirmed it will never put a dent in its performance. Being one of the most expensive soccer boots you can expect it at the price range of $190. 




This Nike Mercurial Veloce III, which comes in a different type of colours (like white, black, red, orange, etc.) is known to a type of soccer cleat designed for football speedsters. It gives it handlers complete control of the ball creating friction in any kind of weather all thanks to textured Speed ribs also possessing a micro-textured synthetic which helps fit into the foot comfortably. It gives a sock-like feeling as its fits well around the ankle due to its Nike newly improved Dynamic Fit Collar. 

With Firm Ground, this Nike football boot has no problem with friction when the grass is wet, it comes with a tongue-less design. It should be available on the market for $200. 



The first New Balance football boot (and the last) this list is the Furon V5 Magum Pro FG, which was made for Liverpool and Senegal forward Sadio Mane. If you know the player, you should also know the speed he possesses when on the pitch. 

The Furon V5 Magum Pro FG is said to specially made to stand firm on the natural ground irrespective of the kind of weather it is. It supports a Fantom Fit that helps the control on the ball, the soccer boot gives a more clean and precise strike all thanks to the Hydraskin touch membrane and an enlarged lace contact zone. New Balance claims just 405 pairs of the Furon V5 was made worldwide which will definitely explain the price tag of $210 as it made on for the Liverpool forward Mane. 


  1. ADIDAS X 19+ FGADIDAS X 19+ FG 

This is another Football boot specially made for speedsters in the game. This boot is said to improve the normal speed of a footballer, pushing the player past his limits all thanks to the newly improved technology of X-layskin upper and its lace-less construction, standing firm on the natural ground. 

 The X 19+ is currently being worn by speedy footballers mainly in the Premier League like Liverpool Mo Salah, Tottenham’s Son Heung-Min, Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy and Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus. If you’re a fan of any of those or you are a fast-paced soccer player you should definitely be getting the Adidas X. 

Adidas handed a lace-less construction for the X 19+ which helps massively to control the ball well upon contact while also achieving midfoot stability when the player is making sprints. It is available at the price of $230 



If you have been a football fan for so long, you must have known the name Zinedine Zidane and must have heard of his famous volley goal for Real Madrid against Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League final back in 2002. What if I told you that “one of the greatest goals in football history” was scored using this football boot, would you believe? Sure, you will. 

Having been available for a long period of time, you’d know just how much Adidas has revamped this particular football boot. Known for its popularity, the Adidas Predator Zidane Acceleration football boost is made with K-leather and over the years there had always been limited production on the football boots. 

This football boot was revamped to celebrate Zidane’s 25 years of control, with the gold upper colours to honour his Ballon d’Or award he won back in 1998, the same year his country France won the World Cup. Constantly being one of the most expensive football boots over the years since its release, it is available for $250. 


  1. Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite Neymar Jr. FGNike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite Neymar Jr. FG

In a world of the best of football boots being made specifically for footballers, here comes another one. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite Neymar Jr. FG made specially for Paris Saint-Germain superstar Neymar. It comes with a Nike Aerowtrac zone at the forefoot of the boot to help supercharge traction and a lightweight cushioning. It is also being worn by Real Madrid superstar Eden Hazard and Barcelona midfielder Frenkie De Jong. 

The football boot is fit for all kinds of weather thanks to the All Conditions control finish, which made it reliable, with a NikeSkin that gives a precise touch with the ball. 

 You can almost imagine Neymar making his runs and dribbling skills with the boot. Being on the Most Expensive football boots, it is priced at $277. 



Being worn by famous footballers like Mesut Ozil, Ivan Rakitic and Paul Pogba, it is safe to say that ADIDAS PREDATOR 19+ FG is the best lace-less football boot money can buy. It possesses a lace-less construction to give pure contact with the ball and a sock-fit feeling as there won’t be any need to tying. 

With more precision on the ball thanks to the Adidas Controlskin and lightweight Primeknit in the upper. It offers a 360 engineered fit from the heel to toe.  

The Controlskin ensures you have control on the ball no matter the weather and also an almost direct connection with the ball to your foot. Also, one of the best and most expensive football boots the ADIDAS PREDATOR 19+ FG is priced at $297. 



Taking number 2 spot is the Nike Dream Speed Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite FG, which is famously being worn by Kylian Mbappe, Sam Kerr and arguably the best footballer in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo. Possessing high-tenacity which gives you a secure, close feel on the foot. And a split kind of design that provides traction on firm natural ground. 

This football boot upper design was noted to have been inspired by Mbappe’s speed, with 44.7km/h designed on the outside of the cleat. The Flyknit was given the thinnest of application of the Nikeskin. Giving a precise and control of the ball with the foot when running at high speed. And just like all other Nike football boots, All Conditions Control Finish was also applied to the Nikeskin of this boot to give it consistent performance in dry or wet conditions. It is available for $320 



If you are not all about speed and agility is your main thing, then this most expensive football boot is yours to buy. The Adidas Nemeziz has been a model around for more than 15 years now and it has most specifically been worn by another arguably the best footballer in the World, Lionel Messi. This boot possesses a 360 Agility Bandage, which helps the player perform a fast-paced turn when on the pitch and in control of the ball, it is well known for its flexibility. 

It is stated to be one of the best innovative football boots in the market. Featuring a laceless design and rather a “laced up” design which offers a sock-like feeling to your foot. It is priced at $330 on the Adidas store. 

Well, there you have it. These are the Top Ten Most Expensive Football Boots for 2019, this list is expected to change depending on the release of another soccer cleats in the coming months as boots are being produced and released every year or season, so stay tuned to our website. You can also check out another list like Best Goalkeeper Gloves and Most Expensive Soccer Balls. 

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