Top Five Best Goalkeeper Gloves

It takes a lot for an aspiring footballer to want to play as a goalkeeper. A goalkeeper can be the most deciding player on the team just as much as they can also be the downfall of a team. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give them the praise they deserve, putting their body on the line and doing the best they can to avoid their opponents finding the back of the net or even their team-mates, who could also have an own goal.  

Should you or your friend decide to take on the goalkeeping career, we will be guiding on the best goalkeeping gloves to put on.  

Gloves are the most important for a goalkeeper, and the best goalkeeper gloves could bring out the best in a shot-stopper.  

In this article, the best goalkeeper gloves are not the most expensive as some people think the overpriced tool is the best. Some goalkeepers may prefer their gloves to be sticky to help in catching the ball well, while some prefer their gloves thick so it’ll help stop a powerful shot and some lightweight. But what should you look out for? That’s up to you.  


Puma EvoDisc  

Puma EvoDisc

Where most goalkeeper gloves use straps as a fastener, Puma, taking a different path, uses the disc as a fastener in the EvoDisc. And it is known to be one of the best goalkeeper gloves despite the different turn. The disc used to fasten or tighten the gloves is located at the back and it works very much like the volume of an old VHS player. The fit to the goalkeeper’s hand can be tightened and loosened to the pleasure of the player.  

Although tightening and loosening the glove could prove to be difficult at times, it is well fitted and secure on both the hands and the wrist. The fastening, which is located at the back of the glove, helps the latex runs smoothly down to the wrist, also increasing the area to ensure better handgrip.  

This Puma made glove is said to be one of the best goalkeeper gloves due to the maximum grip it provides. It is available for sale for £120.


Adidas Ace Trans Pro  

Adidas Ace Trans Pro

The first on the list was one of the best Under Armour glove, second on the list is none other than Adidas very own the Adidas Ace Trans Pro. This glove known due to its quality has been worn by World-class goalkeepers like Iker Casillas, Manchester United David De Gea, and Bayern Munich Manuel Neuer which is also due to how it fits well to the hand of a goalkeeper. Known for its lightness and flexibility but its hand protection can be questioned.  

Being one of the best goalkeeper gloves currently, the Adidas product was created using a negative cut to ensure a good fit to the keeper’s hand. A cut was made in a space between the palm and the thumb to provide a better tight and good fit to the hand which also ensure better control and making it feels light, but much was not made for the grip. And just as much was not made on the grip, you could very guess what this gloves power is, some rubber was placed quietly on the back of the Adidas product to help give some power punches against powerful shots, it is available for sale for £79.95. Also known to be one of the best Adidas goalkeeper gloves.  


Under Armour Desafio Premier Soccer Gloves  

Under Armour Desafio Premier

This Under Armour goalkeeper gloves might not meet your beauty desires at first sight, but there are lots of amazing features this glove provides to make it one of best goalkeeper gloves out there. Without a trace of negative stitching, the design is said to be a standard cut which would make it just a little loose around your fingers. But right after putting them on you would see how far the gloves have exceeded your expectations in the fitting zone, not too tight and not too loose.  

Finger lock and ClutchFit are the new two features added to the glove to extend its enhanced fit to the goalkeeper’s hand. Making it more hard-wearing and much more responsive than its other negatively stitched competitors as the ClutchFit supporting the wrap of the gloves around the wrist (not too tight) to a certain point from the thumb to the wrist while, the Finger Lock (much more improved than before) makes the space for each finger tighter than before. With that said, the Under Armour Desafio Premier Soccer Gloves is said to be one of the best goalkeeper gloves due to its traditional cut.  

The palm is made of a 4mm latex foam that gives a ton of hold and the fingers are solid enough to offer help without hindering. This glove has also been proved to be one of the best Under Armour gloves yet. It is available for sale from the range of $81.74 – $126.  


Umbro Neo Pro Shotgun  

Umbro Neo Pro Shotgun

This glove from Umbro could very well be the best goalkeeper glove. In the wake of making a more flexible and one of the best grip gloves, Umbro used negative finger rolls for both the index and middle finger while a negative cut was used for the two fingers left. And with the use of an elite latex rolled used around the thumb, it gives the goalie a better movement of the thumb and the hand as a whole for an improved grip.   

Coming with a thin mesh-like material and a padded silicon punch zone, being swift for mobility, was packed at the back of the glove with a unique Velcro closure system providing a more supportive fit, which offers support to the segmented thumb and the first two fingers.   

The Neon Pro Shotgun is an all-round performance glove, with Umbro making sure the grip and flexibility and power punch don’t lose out on the brilliance of it. Its all-round performance also includes the protection it gives which makes it one of the best goalkeeper gloves in the game. It is priced starting from £80 on stores.  


Nike Grip 3  

Nike Grip 3

On the fifth list of the best goalkeeper gloves is the Nike Grip 3, which is known to be the best mid-budget gloves. The Nike product is pretty power-packed for a low budget match gloves, it is mostly used as a training glove but its features made it match-abled.  

A roll cut was used for the index and the fifth finger, while a box cut was used for the two middle fingers. The palm moves swiftly and can be easily bent. The Nike product is available on stores for £34.99.  


What do you think of our list?  

We picked one of the best goalkeeper gloves from each brand to give you the best list as it would be hard picking out which goalkeeper glove is the best. Tell us what you think. 

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