Victoria Edwards: Steve McManaman’s Wife Bio, Age, Children & Facts

Steve McManaman’s Wife Intro

Victoria Edwards is the stunning wife of Liverpool and Real Madrid legend, Steve McManaman, and she is not your regular WAG that we are all used to with some of the spotlights. In this article, we will be exploring all the facts you need to know about Victoria Edwards, Steve McManaman’s wife. Stay tuned.

Steve McManaman was considered one of the greatest footballers of his generation, and he also was the most successful Premier League export abroad. While he didn’t win many trophies, he still managed to retain several during his time with Liverpool and Real Madrid. He spent most of his career at Liverpool before moving to Santiago Bernabeu to make his mark in Spain. However, we won’t be discussing the life of the successful Steve McManaman, instead, we will be talking about his wife, who stayed with him through thick and thin.


Who is Victoria Edwards?

Once again, Victoria Edwards is the wife of former English attacker, Steve McManaman. The couple got married in 2003 in Mallorca at Palma Cathedral. However, they decided that they will not be starting a family until Mcmanaman’s football career was over.Victoria Edwards and Steve McManaman's Wedding


Victoria Edwards is not an introverted type of person, and she is the kind that travels a lot, with Mallorca being one of her favourite places to visit for holidays. During her time in Spain, she set up an entertainment company with a friend to enhance and develop Real Madrid’s basic corporate hospitality function. This happened after she realised that the Spanish team had no real policy to look after foreign purchases.


Victoria Edwards Biography

Victoria Edwards was born in 1976 in Mossley Hill, Liverpool. She is an English citizen by birth, and her birthday is known to her husband, kids and close associates. She was educated at Belvedere Girls School, with her parents (retired) running the family printing and publishing business to fund their family.

She was the type that loved school as she enjoyed everything that comes along with it, including drama and sports. Victoria’s choice of career was Law, which she read at Liverpool University. She is quite fluent in English, German and French, and maybe a little bit of Spanish as well considering the term she spent with her husband in Spain.

Victoria Edwards Career

Steve Mcmanaman can be considered an over-achiever as she was previously admitted to Chambers at Lincoln’s Inn in London, which was part of her barrister training. Aside from that, she also spends a year in Germany at Humboldt University studying German Law.

When Steven was transferred to Real Madrid in 1999, she was forced to put her barrister career on hold to travel to Spain with her then-boyfriend. She then took a job lecturing English Law at Madrid University. Currently, she has a company that specialises in relocation and lifestyle management for sports professionals, which will help transferred footballers and their families adjust to life in England.


Victoria Edwards & Steve McManaman’s Children

Victoria Edwards and Steve McManaman’s union is blessed with three children; two daughters and one son.

Wanting to start a family only when Mcmanaman’s football career ends, the couple only welcomed their first child in 2006, a daughter named Ella, and Lara (girl) came right after in 2009 before their only son Lucas James was born in 2012. The family of five has homes in London and Cheshire, with their home at Mallorca being sold recently due to construction works going on around the area.Steve McMananman family

Victoria Edwards’ Net Worth

Victoria Edwards’ net worth is quite hard to estimate as most of her businesses are quite lowkey. However, we do know that her net worth is definitely not small, with Steve Mcmanaman’s net worth estimated to be $18 million.


Victoria Edwards Social Media

Despite being an extrovert, Victoria Edwards seems to love to keep her private life away from the prying eyes of the social world. We currently do not know if she is active on any social media platform, but if you do, you can drop her handle in the comment section.


Facts About Victoria Edwards: Victoria McManaman

  • She placed her barrister career on hold for Steve McManaman.
  • She created a company to help Real Madrid develop their basic corporate hospitality function.
  • She is a mother of three
  • She can speak English, French and German.
  • She was once approached by a TV company to make a programme about footballers’ wives, but it didn’t come to fruition in the end.

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