What Are The Most Expensive Football Boots In 2022

A Football boot is one of the most essential wears of a soccer player on a pitch. In fact, from its production with improvements being made in every product many companies have thrived in the World based. Football boots have brought about major endorsements from big companies, who dedicate much to producing the best of the best soccer cleats your money can buy. 

There is no doubt you’ve somewhere heard football fans arguing about how good soccer cleats can make you a great footballer. But you also must know, if you eat burnt meat for breakfast you won’t be getting all the protein you need out of it instead will be taking in carbon (which is definitely not what you want). This is exactly how a soccer cleat is for a footballer, without the proper boots, you won’t be getting the best out of the player. And these days, footballers are very specific about the type of soccer cleats they put on, with some putting more value on comfort while others just go for the technology and the design of the framework. 

As you should expect, there are several brands producing soccer cleats in the World, with some having higher customers. Like some, you can be paying a few cash to buy them at your local or online store while some Soccer cleats will cost you some more – which are mostly limited edition. 

But today we will be listing out the ten most expensive football boots in the world right now. But before that, let’s talk about how much football boots cost first.


How Much Should Football Boots Cost

The price of football boots varies with the level of play and how much you’re willing to pay. Understanding that this is a common question when football boots are being talked about, big brands like Nike, Adidas and Umbro always tend to produce soccer cleats with different price ranges, and they all have their highs and lows.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Neymar’s custom-made boots are always more expensive than the average soccer cleats being worn by your classmate or by a casual soccer player. Although these kinds of football boots speak quality, they also depend on how deep your pockets are. 

The cheaper ones, on the other hand, are made with cheaper materials and they aren’t nerfed up with tech like the expensive ones. So before deciding on what to buy, you should know where you belong. Are you pursuing a football career or are you a casual player, and how deep your pocket is?

Football boots can also be typed into four classes: beginner-level, semi-pro, professional and elite. Your choice of soccer cleat should depend on these classes. You wouldn’t want to break your budget for a football boot you only use once or twice a week, would you?


What Are The Most Expensive Boots?

Those pursuing the elite class football boots mean you consider yourself a serious footballer and buying new boots for each season becomes inevitable for you. If you belong to that class, this article about the most expensive football boots is for you.

What are the most expensive football boots currently available in 2022? After comparing prices at different retailers, here are the most expensive football boots in the market currently.

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ADIDAS X SPEEDFLOW+ FIRM GROUND BOOTSThis is an amazingly stylish football boot that comes in three different colours; light blue with a touch of pink, all black, and a blue-white texture. The Speedflow series is one of the popular and newly launched series from Adidas, and we might be seeing more of it in the coming years.

X Speedflow comes with LIGHTWEIGHT PRIMEKNIT that gives the owner an extremely fit experience and comfort. It is laceless boots that support speed and rapid feet with the Carbitex carbon-fibre tech embedded in it, while the Agilitycage supports sharp movements of players. This laceless vacuum fit, with a mirageskin upper, is fifth in the most expensive football boots at £230.



NIKE MERCURIAL DREAM SPEED VAPOR 14 ELITE FGThe Nike Mercurial Dream Speed Vapor 14 Elite is one of the most popular football boots in soccer as a customized one is being by Cristiano Ronaldo. It features shades of green, purple and yellow, a trio of colours claimed by scientists to radiate positivity and energy. 

The Mercurial Dream Speed Vapor features Nike Aerotrak technology that promotes the explosive acceleration that Cristiano Ronaldo is known for. The NikeGrip tech embedded in it will prevent players’ feet from sliding inside your football boot. It is another popular football boot meant for forwards and strikers. It is priced at £245 at the official Nike store.



ADIPURE FIRM GROUND BOOTSThe Adidas Adipure Firm Ground Boot features the classic design of boots we’ve seen way too many times, and it is a limited-edition collection boot. It comes with the typical all-black exterior design with the Adidas logo being printed in white colours and a touch of gold, while the interior design is completely gold. 

The leather upper takes the form of gold which was famous in the popular adiPure series. It also features a TorsionFrame outsole that ensures comfort and confidence when you run with the ball on the pitch. It is priced at £250 at Adidas’ official UK store.



NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY 8 ELITE KYLIAN MBAPPE AGThis is a football boot designed solely for players like Paris Saint-Germain forward, Kylian Mbappe, who is known for his amazing pace on the football pitch. It is priced at £260 at the Nike store.

It comes with the Nike Flyknit upper that features a lightweight fabric, this makes running easier for players like Mbappe. It also features the traditional Aerotrak that promotes speed alongside chevron studs that help for quick turns and dribbles. It has a KM logo on the heel that represents Kylian Mbappe, the world’s fastest footballer.



ADIDAS PREDATOR EDGE CRYSTAL+ FIRM GROUND BOOTSThe Adidas Predator Edge Crystal+ Firm Ground boot is the most expensive wearable football boot in 2023, priced at £300 in the Adidas UK store. From the popular Adidas Predator series, this is a limited-edition with the Adidas infamous 3-Stripes logo being embedded on the boots with Swarovski® crystal details to make it glistening than any other boots.

Like every other Adidas football boot, the Predator Edge Crystal also features the Adidas Primeknit Collar that gives a stretchy, yet adaptive support which also ensures comfort. The Zone Skin Upper technology was built into it to improve power, control and dribbling on the pitch. This laceless Adidas football boot also comes with Power Facet and Firm Ground Outsole technology.



Above are the most expensive football boots in 2022 currently. Are they worth it? That question can be answered depending on the design and amazing technology that are being used to bring these boots to life. You might find some of these boots going for £600 upwards on eBay.

These are top-tier football boots for players that are serious about the game, and if you’re the casual type you consider looking at cheap football boots to buy, as those will be sufficient enough for you.

Stay tuned and glued to this article, as it will be updated frequently as the year goes by.

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